Stools & more

After Morton’s this evening, we went to Marina Square and I added another ceramic stool to my collection! I think I’m slightly obsessed with these stools or just chairs in general but, I don’t have a lot of surface area in my house! HJ knows me best – every now and then, I get into a “mood” and feel like decorating the house all over again. Today was one of those days…

  • Left: newest addition that is now in my master toilet from LIM’S
  • Top right: this is the smallest one for Nat’s basket of shoes from LUSH
  • Bottom right: for more of Nat’s toys and/or to put drinks from Taylor B

And… I’m already thinking how to fit more in my balcony!

So as I look back rather fondly on my decor journey, I decided to snap a few photos of the living area for documentation purposes. Who knows, things may get messier as Nat accumulates more things.

  • Sofa – from DONE by Modus Natura. It came in a set with a single-seater but that’s in Nat’s nursery. Now the sofa has a throw lining the seating area because Nat keeps climbing up and down and may scratch it in the process.
  • Rattan chairs – these were meant for the balcony but we put them here as they can’t be exposed to the harsh elements outside. They were literally from a van that sets up shop around Toa Payoh and/or Ang Mo Kio so it was by pure chance that my mom and sis came across them. They are my fave part of the living because rattan chairs like these are a dying trade.
  • Frames – the posters were ordered from Etsy because they’re our 3 favorite cities as of 2016 (London, Berlin and Prague). Japan, our current favorite country isn’t represented on our walls [yet] but … it will be in the works soon.

This area is opposite our sofa and it is usually designated as a TV wall for most people but we don’t have a TV (yes… we binge on Netflix on our laptops).

As such, we placed a display/book shelf from Scanteak and next to it is what I call a “scoop chair”. It’s another sign of my chair obsession because it was meant to be for HJ to wear his shoes but there’s no space near the door so it is now next to our balcony door.

The good thing about the shelf is that it can be positioned upright (vertically) so if we need more space in the future for say a small writing table for Nat, then we have the option to change the current orientation of the shelf from its horizontal form to stand upright.

The last bit of our living area is near the entrance.

  • Shoe cabinet – this was our 2nd one from IconicHAUS because our 1st one from Scanteak had sawdust coming out of it after a few months! So it was very tough trying to find a replacement with a similar wood shade that can match everything else but thankfully we did.
  • Mirror – it looks black here but it’s actually a dark metallic bronze finish from Crate & Barrel. I’m ashamed to say that this is the most dangerous and not child-friendly furniture because we have yet to secure it to the wall. It’s held in place by stoppers on the ground but… I know we have to get it fixed to the wall soon (before Nat becomes even more active and crashes into it).

So that’s just a snippet of our living room. I think it’s quite obvious by now that I am not a fan of build-in fixtures because I like to have the flexibility. This meant that most of the items had to be sourced and purchased individually from a variety of places.

The overall style I had in mind was a blend of modern and eclectic. In terms of colour, we stuck to 3 main colours of black (furniture), grey (curtains) and shades of white (walls) with woody accents (more furniture pieces). So every room will also have these similar shades/elements. Finally, the eclectic parts are featured mostly via the accessories.

Up next… I’ll continue to mull over my balcony, which is always seems to be a work in progress!


It’s time.

I write this as I am preparing to go back to school next year, after 4 years in HQ. I guess everything is 20/20 on hindsight. In 2014, the notification of my mandatory posting took me by surprise. Thereafter, the decisions to extend my stint felt more logical. Looking back, the past 4 years was exactly where I needed to be.

It’s the next step that scares me but as they say, whatever will be will be. I just want to teach and hopefully it will not require me to drive halfway across the island.

Another thing that I need to do is to let go and let God but it is always easier said than done.

– CK