Routines – When Things Don’t Go As Planned… 

So in view of CNY, we kind of expected that Nat’s daily routine would be disrupted so we tried to work around those instances where he would be overstimulated, thereby potentially becoming cranky. Thankfully, things were not too bad! Thus bringing me to reflect on how even when having a daily structure, there still needs to be room for flexibility because things rarely always go according to plan.

Context: Nat is on a ‘eat, wake, sleep’ routine in the daytime until evening and now at week 12, his daily schedule is as such.

  • Daily feeding times happen every 3-3.5hours at 7am, 10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm,10pm and 3am (+/- 30min), taking in approx. 145ml. We’re hoping to consistently give him 150ml next week so that maybe his between-feed intervals will stretch out from every 3hours to 3.5hours or more? His last 10pm feed was 150ml but sometimes depending on the amount I pump out or time of the day, his intake varies from 125ml to 140ml. 
  • He has also been attuned to having some waketime after his feed for approx. 45min-1hour followed by a nap, usually lasting for 1.5hours before he wakes for his next feed. Sometimes he will wake up after an hour but because he’s not hungry yet, we’ll just leave him alone or engage him a little bit until it is time to eat.

So for CNY, we anticipated that perhaps during visitations, he’ll probably be overstimulated because of the crowd and true enough that happened so certain adjustments had to be made.

Once visitations were over, instead of doing his usual “study routine” during his waketime after his lunch and/or afternoon feed, we let him nap straight away. Technically sleeping right after a feed is supposed to happen only in the evenings but we applied it to the daytime anyway. This way, Nat was able to at least get 2hours of rest before his evening feed. So on both days of CNY, he knocked out in the afternoon (pic below) before the next dinner event.

Another superb way to stick to our routines without making that much adjustment afterwards in the afternoon was having the carrier around! After the initial period of overstimulation and having people carry him, once it was time to nap (usually 45mins after his feed), HJ would strap him in the carrier and that made it quite obvious that it was time for Nat to nap. So yes…even outside in the garden, Nat was able to snooze in the carrier oblivious to everything.

I guess some important lessons for us during these few days can be summed up below:

  1. It is OKAY if routines/schedules don’t go according to plan – what is more crucial is to have some flexibility and ways to work around the disruptions. For example, if there is a lunch event to attend, we’ll let Nat sleep more in the morning as opposed to how we gently wake him around 10am for his bath. Likewise, if the morning had been too overstimulating, we do not stimulate him anymore in the afternoon when we go home but let him nap more because what we dread most is having an overtired baby that can’t sleep even if he wanted to 😦
  2. Have a clear plan i.e. modus operandi and stick to it so for CNY, the plan was to put Nat in the carrier when it was time to nap so that it would send out a clear message that the baby needs to rest. For some of our own family members/closer relatives, we just told them upfront that it was time for baby to nap and they would stop engaging/stimulating him so much. Communication is key. 
  3. It is okay to say ‘NO’ or when in doubt, check with your other half – this applied most to when people wanted to carry Nat. At each house visit, 1-2 people asked if it was okay for them to carry Nat, and we happily let them carry all 6.7kg of him! Thankfully it was no more than just a few people who approached us, if not we would have had to decline or agree but give some perimeters i.e. carrying only for a short while if it is time for him to nap.
  4. Understand that not everyone operates the way we do – esp. when it comes to Nat’s routine. After all, we are the ones that know it best. I felt this was the most important for me to drill in my head because when things don’t go according to plan, I usually tend to get a bit irritated but telling myself this helped in dealing with the frustrations when Nat could not nap because the circumstances did not allow for it. Now even if things don’t go as planned, I’m like “it’s okay… we’ll damage control later” hahaha

– CK


Tonsillitis, Antibiotics & Breastmilk

It was my last resort, going to Mount A on Tues (24/1) night for my throat because the sore throat and coughing had been there for 1 week. I had taken the usual medicine such as Difflam and Prospan for the soreness and dry cough respectively but as the Doctor said, these only treated the symptoms and since it was not working, I had to start a 5 day course of Clarithromycin antibiotics.

Then the natural question I had was if Nat could still drink breastmilk and I received 2 different replies:

(1) From the GP: her advice was to not breastfeed until the course was over i.e. pump and dump for 5 days (even though I plan to wean Nat off by end-April when I go back to work, it is not a nice feeling when you have to pump and dump your milk)

(2) The pharmacist: her advice was to breastfeed after 8 hours, when not much of the antibiotics is left in my system so that meant dumping 2 pumps a day (but at least Nat would still get breastmilk as long as it was after 8 hours)

Thankfully the next day we were going to TMC for Nat’s review to check if his lungs are clear because he was also coughing for a week and I decided to ask the PD since she is the expert for everything related to babies right…

(3) The PD: her advice was that Clarithromycin belongs to a class of antibiotics that can be taken while breastfeeding so no need to pump and dump (hooray!)

Nevertheless, since I am paranoid, I felt safer giving Nat milk that I pumped 8 hours after taking the meds.

Of course there is research that says babies may have diarhoea or colic due to the presence of antibiotics – hence I chose to play safe by feeding him only 8hrs after taking my meds. So to supplement, we either give more formula or take some breastmilk from his freezer stash. Originally, I had wanted to use this freezer “reserve” for after April but just as well, it can be used now for times like this!

Sigh… let’s hope I don’t have to take anymore antibiotics until Nat’s fully weaned off breastmilk. By then, I’ll also be able to take stronger meds such as cough mixture with codine inside which I am not able to now so after 1.5 weeks, the cough is still here but seems to be at the end of its course.

 – CK

Shoe Woes No More

So after what was a very intense weekend, our termite/shoe woes are over! 🙂

It was extremely tough trying to find a shoe cabinet that met all our criteria.

  • Height: more than 100cm (my previous one was approx. 1.2m)
  • Length: maximum 100cm (my previous one was approx. 90cm)
  • Colour: teak and walnut only (to match my existing furniture)
  • Design: need to have doors & shelves that are adjustable and base should not come into contact with the floor (so I can clean underneath it)
  • Price: not more than SGD$900

The reason for such restrictions is because I have a 1.9m mirror to the left and a shorter display shelf to the right so if the shoe cabinet is too short and/or narrow, everything would be out of proportion.

Below is the list of places that I went with my mom within a span of two days to find the right cabinet.

  1. Teak Avenue:
  2. Mountain Teak:
  3. Ethnicraft:
  4. Wihardja:
  5. Picket & Rail:
  6. Tropicana Living @ Thomson Plaza
  7. Crate & Barrel @ ION Orchard
  8. Home & Giving @ Star Vista

However, most of the places had cabinets that only met some of our criteria. Almost everywhere had really nice sideboards/consoles or display cabinets but those were not what I needed. I guess nowadays most people have built-in shelves and cabinets to store their shoes whereas I belong to the “no built-in” camp haha

We finally found THE ONE at Iconic Haus, the place where I purchased my dining table set last year. Gigi, the person who served us was very helpful. Before going down, I called to enquire if they had any shoe cabinets and if they did, I requested if she could snap some pictures to show me as opposed to making a wasted trip down. The moment I saw the photo she sent, I knew that there was a 90% chance that it could be THE ONE!

In the end, ordering a brand new one (SGD$942.20), would be delivered only in end-March whereas if I took the display piece, I’ll enjoy a 10% discount and they would be able to deliver before CNY! I had no issues with this as the display piece was in v good condition. Here it is 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-24 at 7.07.38 PM.jpeg

It comes with a top drawer and a display shelf that is currently sparsely populated with rabbits. Nevertheless, am just glad it is in time for CNY because my Dad was getting quite worried that our shoes were all over the living room.

– CK

The Sick Sees :(

I’ve dreaded this day where when one person comes down with something, it’s only a matter of time everyone else in the household gets it.

So HJ changed work place and perhaps due to the new environment, he was down with a sinus infection for 2 weeks. Then just as he was starting to get better, the kiddo starts coughing and sneezing on Monday night this week (16/1). Then I started with a mild sore throat that has become quite inflamed with a dry itchy cough 😦

As for Nat, we monitored him for two days as he had no fever but decided to go down to the PD on Thursday (19/1) as his coughing became a bit more persistent.

Our PD, Dr Ang Ai Tin is at Thomson Medical Center where Nat was born. We go there more out of convenience because she has been seeing Nat ever since he was a newborn and even if you have no appt, the average waiting time is an hour so it isn’t so bad.

So Nat has a case of upper respiratory tract congestion, thankfully not anywhere near his lungs yet but we have to go back next week for a review.

That is the amount of meds for one tiny body 😦 Strangely administrating the meds have been quite pleasant – Nat will just lie there and get his nose sprayed, sucked on and have liquid drop inside. It is the cough mixture where we have to use a syringe to squirt 10ml into his mouth that he starts giving all sorts of faces haha

Today (22/1) is day 4 of his medication but he still has the occasional coughing. Hopefully the review next week won’t reveal anything serious and all goes well *fingerscrossed*

We also managed to fit in some pictorial time today during his waketime.

I am a HUGE fan of the Little Men and Little Miss series. HJ and I started building up a collection since our 2014 honeymoon in UK, London. We bought some limited edition ones there and the rest were purchased from various places in SG.

Then a few days ago I found 5 more books to add to the collection (totaling 25 now) from a 2nd hand book fair at Thomson Plaza, each book was only being sold for $1! No doubt each story ends in a few sentences but I was more interested in the colours because of its high-contrasting nature, which is mostly all that infants can recognize at this stage.

Anyhow, I personally love the idea of getting his books from a 2nd hand bookstore – it takes some digging and luck but beats paying so much more for a similar brand new book.

So the newest Little Men books are now in Nat’s learning stash – a small container/sack where we consolidate all of his waketime activities in the living room for easy access.

Next up, when we have time, we will go register Nat for his public library account and collect his goodie bag. After everyone fully recovers of course – really praying my throats inflammation is not the dreaded tonsillitis 😦

– CK


Yes, my shoe cabinet was confirmed to have termites yday. Here’s the lowdown in a nutshell.

  1. On 10th Jan, HJ and I saw a pile of what appears to be ‘brown sand’ under our Scanteak shoe cabinet and found a hole
  2. We called Scanteak who took it back to examine it on 17th Jan
  3. They called me yesterday (18th Jan) and confirmed that the hole is the work of termites from the wood 

As a result…

  • They cannot return us the shoe cabinet because the termites may spread 
  • They are also unable to give me a replacement (within 6months of purchase, one can get a foc replacement of which this cabinet was a replacement in Sept ’16 because my original one’s door had a wood grinding sound) …. 

Me: “Huh? Why cannot replace with a new one? It is less than 6months” 

CSO: “Oh because this cabinet is no longer in production since last year” 


Okay…… so…… not only do I have no shoe cabinet (which was purchased to match my other Scanteak display shelf and dining table w walnut legs, I have shoes in the middle of my living room and Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner (mega face palm). I have no qualms buying a similar cabinet from the same shop but, Scanteak has no more similar shoe cabinets so I’ll be either getting a voucher or cash refund from them. 

What was more urgent was that I had to ascertain with my pest control contact, Stanley from Stanley’s Pest Control whether I needed him to come down to do a thorough check in case my other wood furniture is affected – such is really the woes of having wood in the house… I am a huge fan of having wood accents (teak, walnut, oak…you name it) but this is really a pain 😦 

Thankfully Stanley’s assessment is as such: 

  1. The insects responsible for the hole are dry wood termites based on the brown sand left behind (he really knows his insects haha) 
  2. They are not likely to spread and are usually isolated to untreated wood 😦
  3. The worry is legit if the said cabinet is still in the house – then it has to be treated (I explained to him that the cabinet has been taken back) OR the cabinet came into contact with my other furniture (it was flanked by a mirror to its left and display shelf to its right but separated by some space so no contact!
  4. I may just need to be prepared that should the wood of my other furniture from the similar retailer be likewise affected, there is no way of knowing until I see the same brown sand 3-4 years down the road (let’s keep our fingers crossed that this shall be the 1st and last time!)

So now that Stanley, who has been doing pest-related services for my parents and grandparents sees no reason to do a thorough examination… I can refocus on finding a new shoe cabinet that can somehow fit in and match my existing furniture. 

Here’s the exact criteria I need: 

  1. Closed door vs open rack type
  2. Above 1m in height, approx 1.2m (can’t be the low sideboard style)
  3. Able to match teak & walnut 
  4. Has legs i.e not directly resting on floor so I can clean underneath it
  5. Between SGD$400-600 (my previous one was all the above and costs SGD$450)

In view of the above, I am of hopeful to find one so fast before CNY so the least I can do is make use of the CNY deals/promos… 

Sigh… and I thought we were so done with house decor after the baby came along. 
– CK

Stroller vs. Babycarrier

So the day came where we had to decide whether to stick with just having a stroller/infant carseat combo or was it time to invest in a babycarrier? Actually the catalyst was also Nat weighing in at 6.5kg @ 10wks!

Featured below is part of our Combi, that our friend gave us (helping us to save a good deal of $$). The part not featured is an infant carseat that we leave in our car as carrying that together with Nat in it has become too heavy.

Our Combi has been working great thus far and there’s still plenty of room for Nat to grow into the stroller so we are currently using it with the insert. Part of the reason why we don’t find it so much of a hassle is because of the car and boot space – otherwise, I imagine it being quite a handful managing a stroller + infant + all the other bags and belongings.

Moreover, while there are carriers and wraps available for newborns, HJ and I are the more paranoid sort so we think about things like potential blockage of airways, overheating, fragile neck and head… etc. yup you get the idea so the above constituted the main deterrents why we did not get a carrier earlier.

Then came the point where Nat was no longer as tiny as he was when just a newborn and it felt more convenient to have the option of a carrier.

It also made my current ‘stay-home’ arrangement more flexible – when HJ takes the car to work, the pram goes with him in the boot. This would render me quite stuck if I wanted to go out with Nat. My Dad also lets me use his car when he’s overseas so instead of transferring the pram from one car to another, having the option of a carrier solves things.

So after doing all my research, I bought the Ergobaby (original) carrier in black because I’ll destroy any other lighter shade.

Technically, babies from 0-4 months are required to wear an infant insert because they cannot support their necks on their own yet but…. we tried putting Nat in the insert and he simply could not fit! That’s because he is above the 5.5kg weight limit for the infant insert ! What this means is that for now, I have to use one hand to support his neck when I wear him until he is around 3-4 months. Alternatively, the lady also said that I can also roll a small muslin towel and stuff it between his neck and the carrier for additional support.

There’s this website – Babywearing Internationalthat has very useful pictorial illustration in terms of what safety measures to look out for when carrying newborns, infants and toddlers.

So Nat currently falls under this category (below) as he is not 3 months yet.


So after a few days of using the Ergobaby, here’s my take of it…

Comfort:8.5/10 (very good support for the back*** but reaching behind to fasten the strap takes some getting used to)

Price: 8/10 (slightly cheaper than the Tula and I enjoyed a further 10% thanks to our Mothercare membership)

Some cons:

  • Might get a bit stuffy for the kiddo so I’ll try not to use it on super hot days. That being said, I’ll be the main one using the carrier as HJ sweats easily – like father, like son 
  • I figured someone else needs to be with me when I’m using this so that I can pass Nat to them if I need to use the washroom – thankfully the one time I had to use the washroom when we were out having dinner coincided with his feeding time so while my mom fed him his milk, I took that opportunity to go to the bathroom 
  • Not easy to carry a baby inside when he is hungry or too full just after feeding (I know that breastfeeding in a carrier may be a breeze to some but whenever we go out, Nat’s usually bottle-fed so yeah)

The pros:

  • A flexible and comfortable option vis-a-vis the stroller… does not take up boot space and no need to wait for elevators anymore in shopping malls :))
  • Guards against overstimulation as it allows baby to nap when we are out – with the stroller, Nat just gets too stimulated by the surroundings.
  • Personally, I find it a great mechanism against anyone who just want to stimulate him when it’s the wrong time and/or reach out to touch his face. I don’t think that can happen so readily now that he’s nestled against my chest.

It seems this will come in handy and just in time for Chinese New Year visiting!

– CK

(Bad) Sleep Habits 

Among the 3 of us, it is us the parents who had/have very bad sleep habits that needed to be changed for Nat’s sake. 

During his NB (newborn) stage, it didn’t matter when we slept because Nat would just be feeding and then sleeping most of the time. So our “night owl” habits could still happen. 

Then came the period after the confinement nanny left, HJ would struggle every night to put Nat to bed because he was just so awake at 9/10pm. That was when we had to figure a way to help Nat differentiate between day and night because at 4-5 weeks, babies are still not attuned to the concept of day vs night. 

This entailed:

  • Exposing him to natural light during the day vs. keeping the curtains drawn (which is what I like to do) 
  • Wind down and wash him up immediately after dinner (8pm), which apparently is not early enough so we have shifted it forward to 7pm (though this does not happen everyday, mostly weekdays)
  • Maintain a consistent bedtime routine that is favorable for sleeping early i.e not having loud sounds and bright lights switched on (this was and still is tough because we are both night owls that only start doing our things after 8pm!) 
  • Adopt consistent bedtime cues such as praying with Nat and playing his Disney piano classics that gets him into snooze-land almost every time  

The above coupled with the eat/wake/sleep routine in the day somehow enabled Nat to sleep by 930pm after the 6th week. There were no more nightly struggles from 10pm to 12am! 

Then from last week we experimented with waking Nat up for his first feed every morning at 630am, though in reality it would happen around 645am. 

We also tried shifting his bedtime routine earlier so instead of washing him up at 8pm after his evening nap, we figured why not wash up after his evening feed then just let him nap/sleep in PJs after that. So even if he wakes up at 830/9pm for a feed, he can go back to sleep after that and not be disrupted by us washing him up. The only time it succeeded was yesterday because we came back by 7pm. Realistically for us, I think washing up by 7pm can only happen when we’re not out for dinner and mostly on weekdays. 

After all the above was said and done, there was one thing left to do —- sleep train Nat to snooze in the crib in his own room because for the past month, he’s able to sleep in the following places: 

  1. His basket/rocker during the afternoon when I’m at the dining area doing my stuff 
  2. Our bed for the 2nd afternoon nap when he finds it harder to fall asleep on his own in his basket/rocker 
  3. The travel cot next to our bed at night (we co-sleep) in the same room at night for ease of looking out for him because I’m a very heavy sleeper haha 
  4. My mum’s bed (in the day) and sofa (in the evenings) when we bring him over for her to babysit at least 1x a week 

But…… we have stopped letting him sleep in the crib in his room ever since the nanny left – we have come to use it more as a diaper changing station! 

So for the past 3 days, after the first morning feed and after his diaper change, we left him in the crib to snooze. I felt that the morning naps were the easiest to get him used to his crib because he is the drowsiest in the mornings. 

So this is him in his own crib 🙂 

Completing our mission to help Nat be able to nap/sleep at as many places possible! This is so that we are not really restricted to any one spot and going forward, making our babysitting arrangements whenever he goes to our parent’s place easier. 


Routines for baby and me

People who know me well won’t find it surprising that I thrive on having routines, which is partly why I got Nat started on the eat/wake/sleep routine. Sometimes also known as the eat/play/sleep routine. The other perk of having some sort of rhythm gives me some time to do my own things, during his naptimes. So yeah, while to some it may seem quite ‘stressful’ having an infant on a routine so fast, I don’t think I can function without it haha

I also found some useful tips from this article about setting routines so at week 9-10, here’s a sample routine though it is more stable on weekdays because we have to make some adjustments on weekends when we go out.

  • 630/645am: the ‘wake-up’ feed that sets the day
  • 7am: change diaper and put back to bed (morning nap 1)
  • 9am: breakfast feed then put back to bed (morning nap 2)  
  • 1045/11am: gentle wake-up call via changing diaper in preparation to take a bath
  • 11-1115am: bath, followed by some wake-time before his next feed ard noon-ish
  • 12/1230pm: lunch-time feed, followed by 30-45min of waketime (stimulation)
  • 1pm: nap-time (afternoon nap 1)
  • 3/330pm: tea-time feed, followed by 30-45min of waketime (stimulation)
  • 430pm: nap-time (afternoon nap 2)
  • 6pm: evening feed, followed by minimal waketime or sometimes a short-nap 
  • 7pm: wash-up & bedtime routine *we’re trying to start his bedtime routine earlier after his evening feed, currently we start at 8pm only and he sleeps after his night feed (below)
  • 9/930pm: night feed, put back to bed
  • 230/3am: MOTN feed, put back to bed (we notice that Nat can sleep for a 5-hour stretch if his last feed is closer to 10pm)
  • 5am: 2nd MOTN feed -> if this is less than 2 hours after the previous feed and very close to his wake-up feed, we will try to see if Nat can go back to sleep or if he’s hungry, then we’ll feed 60ml of milk (formula) since his wake-up feed is coming up soon. This was because when we gave a full feed once, he was not able to finish it. Sometimes this 2nd MOTN feed does not happen and he wakes up closer to 6am.

So on average, Nat is taking approx. 7 feeds a day (every 2.5/3hours, the longest interval has been 3.5hours and a full feed currently approx. 140ml. His naps range from 30min to 1.5hours in the day, and it gets shorter towards the evening.

Of course if we’re home the whole day and everything goes according to plan, then the above schedule is pretty much adhered to but what happens when we do go out? That’s another post for another day…


‘Eat, Wake, Sleep’ – Being a Babywise Mom and Baby (Week 9)

This trio – ‘eat,wake,sleep’ is what HJ, my mom and parents-in-law keep hearing from me so what exactly is it?

It is actually from this book titled, On Becoming Babywise from my ex-college. I was actually clearing my bookshelf towards the end of the 1st month post-partum and was going to donate the book but decided to just take a quick read first and boy, was I wrong about not keeping the book!


In a nutshell, it is about how to sync your baby’s eat, wake, sleep cycle such that eventually your baby sleeps through the night (my mom says that my sis and I naturally started doing this at the 2nd month! God Bless her!)

Am now going to summarize a few things we learnt from some chapters of the book, especially those that we are currently in the midst of implementing.

The 1st ChapterYour Baby Needs a Family, is about achieving a balance and the importance of protecting your marriage. An earlier post about “couch time” is from this book.

Life doesn’t stop once you have a baby… date your spouse… continue those loving gestures you enjoyed before the baby came along… invite some friends over for food and fellowship and at the end of the day, spend fifteen minutes sitting with your spouse discussing the day’s events.

The 2nd ChapterFeeding Philosophies, talks about the various ways that parents feed their babies. As I started reading this when Nat was a month old and was already on half formula and half breastfeeding, it was quite reassuring that we had somehow naturally adapted the “Parent-Directed Feeding” which combines having a schedule (guidance by the clock) and the assessment of hunger cues of the infant. So for weeks 2-4, baby should be on a 2.5-3 hourly feeding interval and this extends a bit to 2.5-3.5 hours during weeks 5-8. Of course this varies and there is a need to be flexible esp. during growth spurts or evenings when they just cluster-feed.

Hunger is always a legitimate reason to feed less than two hours.

  • For Nat, his intake of milk was not really increasing that much (100ml of milk on average per feed) and this saw him drinking every 2 hours. The PD did tell us to gradually increase by 5ml a week but I think for the whole of December we got stuck at 100-110ml ourselves. So what we tried to do over the past 2 weeks is to slowly increase his intake (he’s now able to take 130ml of milk on average per feed) and his intervals have increased to 2.5-3.5 hours.
  • For the next phase, which is weeks 9 to 15, we’re suppose to try and stretch out his intervals further to it being consistently 3.5 hours, maybe even 4, so we’ll see how that goes.

Then the 3rd Chapter, Babies and Sleep, came in most useful at that time when I started reading the book (early December) as HJ had been struggling to put Nat to bed on a nightly basis. He was a late sleeper and waker such that every night between 10pm and 1am, he would not sleep unless carried. Once he was put down, he would cry and HJ would pick him up to try and cradle him to sleep. Little did I know that Nat’s poor nighttime habits is linked to the lack of a fixed eat/wake/sleep routine in the day. It also can be attributed to the inconsistent bedtime routines that we had (which I’ll talk about in another post).

  • The gist of the chapter about sleep is about having a parent-guided feed/wake/sleep routine, first comes feeding, followed by some waketime (this is when stimulation and playtime takes place), then naptime concludes the cycle. This was the first time I heard of such a routine because I had always assumed that infants should nap immediately after a feed. This eat/wake/sleep applies to the daytime while at night, it is just eat followed by sleep (with no stimulation). This is because too much stimulation and/or an overly tired baby also cannot get to sleep.
  • The other super important thing that we had to learn was the need to put the baby down before he falls asleep – this would allow him to learn how to sleep on his own. Previously, we carried Nat until he was soundly asleep before laying him down in his own bed. Dropping this carrying habit was really not easy because it meant leaving Nat there for 5-10minutes to let him cry it out as a way of getting comfortable and ready to sleep. After a while, we discovered that Nat likes sleeping on his side flanked by 2 bolsters (this made putting him down much easier). We also found out that Nat likes have his bum patted firmly just as he is about to fall asleep so somehow by lots of experimentation and trial and error, Nat is now able to nap on his own in the day and on good nights, fall asleep on his own after his night feed.

Currently, the practice that we are trying to implement is to have a consistent first feeding of the day. This is by right suppose to happen while implementing the whole eat/wake/sleep cycle but I did not diligently adhere to it so what happened was that Nat will have regular eat/wake/sleep cycles in the day but each day starting at a different time and with a different rhythm.

  • So for the past 2 days, we have been trying to establish the first feeding at 630AM – it can be 15min earlier or later but the idea is to have a consistent first feeding time that sets the rest of the day.

All I can say after approx. 4 weeks of trying out the book’s guidelines, one thing that I need to keep telling myself is that every baby is different. Some babies may be able to drop the middle-of-the-night (MOTN) feed and/or sleep through the night. Nat’s longest stretch through the night is 5hours and we noted that those long stretches could be due to the dream-feed he had at 10pm.

Whatever it is, I am already very thankful that we at least have some daily rhythm going with the routines and with each stage, there will be its own bout of challenges and some regressions so moral of story… I cannot be too hard on myself (sounds very familiar haha)



This morning, Clara and I tried shifting Nathanael’s morning wake time and as a result, I got to carry him and hold him for a while before leaving for work.

And boy did he look happy this morning! The smiles and giggles I’ve only gotten used to seeing over WhatsApp was in full display and it moved me immensely.

Almost at work, then this song and its sad story came to mind. Not every father is as lucky as I am, not every man as blessed as me to have a wife who is as understanding. Amazing happy wife, happy kid, happy life 🙂


Tears in Heaven