Baby Car Seat

So today we tried Nat’s new car seat – courtesy of our neighbour, out of sheer desperation. His usual car seat was in my car which HJ drove to go out so when I decided to go out with my mom, we were stuck. Thankfully, Nat meets the 9kg minimum criteria for the front-facing seat so after a quick research online for installation instructions, we left for town! 

So now, this spare front-facing seat can be permanently placed in my mom’s car while his usual one can remain in my car. 

Personally, I would want Nat to continue using his current rear-facing seat until he has exceeded the weight/age limit as stipulated in the manual, which is either 10kg or 1 year old. 

This is because I read some articles online that a rear-facing is safer than a front-facing? One of them even suggests using a rear-facing until 2 years old. 

This is our current Combi set (below), also given to us by a friend. Coming to think of it, we are very blessed to have most of the pricey baby items given to us. I hope we can maximize using this set for a while more because the permutations/options are amazing! 

Whatever it is, be it a new or second-hand seat, I can’t stress it enough that one must read all the instruction manuals properly before any usage for safety reasons. 

In other news, Nat has a total of 4 teeth coming out – 2 on each side of his front teeth?! Maybe that’s why he has been waking up ard 430/5am the past two nights? Or could it be that the amount of milk for his last feed needs to go back up? That is because we noted that his daily milk intake has suddenly gone up to above 500ml for the past 2-3 days. 

Like HJ said, there is really no constant as far as Nat’s body is concerned. If it’s not a sleep regression due to developmental milestones, it’s teething or something else. I am just thankful he’s still relatively easy to care for – only cries/fussy when hungry or tired. So once again, I am nothing but grateful for Nat’s easygoing demeanor. 

– CK  



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