Get plain not greek 

So as Nat starts to try a whole host of new foods now that he’s crossed the 8 months mark, we’re also learning how to adjust between strictly adhering to guidelines by feeding him 0 sugar vs what is palatable and edible. Lesson learnt for yogurt – plain is fine! No need to go 100% pure and unsweetened (Greek), which should be reserved for cooking.

That was Nat yesterday when we tried Greek yogurt mixed with fruit. He finished the portion but didn’t really like it. Then yesterday was his 8 month vaccination so we checked with his PD and she says plain is fine, babies probably don’t know how to appreciate Greek yogurt yet.

So today was much better because we used the normal plain yogurt (Emmi), my fave brand and mixed it with one donut peach.

So now we know…

  • Since the yogurt is plain and has a sour taste, the accompanying fruit should have a strong flavor i.e. peaches, bananas etc. to make it palatable for baby
  • Plain yogurt also has some traces of sugar in it under its ‘carbohydrates’ label but nothing too high to worry about

Now that Nat has cleared the yogurt test, we have another thing to feed him for his breakfast besides mixing fruits with rice cereal and baby oatmeal cereal.

Next up: a few days of baby french beans with his porridge because we forgot to test them when he was 6-8 months old before letting him try… wait for it… beef & potato hash on Sat! Yummy.

– CK


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