8 months ppt

From the start, I knew that I’m not the sort of person who can somehow return back to their pre-pregger state within a span of 3 months. I also knew that it would require a lot of discipline to get back into shape. As it took 9 months to grow a baby and put on +16kg, I gave myself 9 months to lose it and try and fit back into all my pre-pregger clothes. Finally, after 8 months, the scale has returned to the pre-Nat figure in 2016 and am now aiming for my pre-wedding state in 2014 (-2kg more) haha. I’ll set a realistic goal for the end of the year because if we travel again, it always ruins my diet/exercise plans. 

As I didn’t chart my pregnancy and post-pregnancy journey, I only have these to reference how many kilos I had to lose

I also hate to say this but HJ was right in asking me to at least document some “bellypics” i.e. to basically witness it expand and then shrink back. Owell, maybe next time but by then, it would be much harder to maintain I’m sure. 

As it is, going back to work has somewhat slowed down my frequency of exercise, which shouldn’t be the case. Actually, it was  a bout of sickness in May and a fall right after I recovered that started the whole retardation process. 

Even two days ago, just doing some arm workouts at the gym is enough to make my right shoulder feel wonky again. So I have to hold off the weights until after I get my shoulder fixed this Thursday, with a deknotting massage. 

Besides the return to my norm, having a regular exercise routine be it jogging, gyming or swimming really makes a difference in terms of overall wellbeing. Whenever I feel crappy, I need to at least have an estate run. 

Whatever it is, I am just glad the toughest part is over i.e. shedding the last few kilos when I have the freedom to eat and drink anything I want. 

However, alcohol is still hard because of the sheer calories that beer has. Everything in moderation it shall be then. It’s like for every bottle I consume, I have to go and jog it off haha. 

– CK 


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