Mouth Injuries 

Yup… besides rolling off the bed once, Nat recently also knocked his mouth/gum against a table top (ouch!) when we were out. Thankfully, it was nothing serious and he recovered after like a minute. Then I went to google and realized there’s quite a number of things to look out for when it comes to baby safety – especially now that Nat can sit, crawl and hoist himself up. This absolutely charming boy is also very mischievous and dangerous!

So related to mouth injuries in babies, besides keeping them away from sharp/hard edges, ensuring they don’t crawl or run with a toy in the mouth is another thing. As it is, I ensure that only soft items are inside Nat’s playpen when he’s sitting inside and playing alone.

If the inevitable happens, which is a knock/fall and there’s some blood, the same first aid rules apply -> use a cold wet towel or if not available, a wet-one and put pressure on the wound to stop the bleeding. Should bleeding persist after 5-10min, it would warrant a trip to the Doc and especially so if cut is a big one. As much as we would want to pry open their mouths to examine the inside, doing so may spilt open the wound and cause bleeding to continue so that’s another thing to take note.

Cot-wise: We have lowered the platform to the lowest so that he doesn’t hoist himself up and over. He probably doesn’t have the strength yet but we also don’t want to take any risks. As it is, his cot bumpers are quite useless because he will pull them down and keep knocking his head. It doesn’t hurt at all and we always joke that it’s because he has his father’s skull – big, hard and relatively numb to pain.

Having his playpen out in the living room is the best arrangement we have thus far because every part of it is so soft so whatever monkey antics Nat gets up to doesn’t result in any physical injuries.

Anyhow, like HJ said, some accidents are bound to happen and we can’t protect him from everything. He has to learn certain painful consequences of his actions but I guess I’ll still try to reduce the likelihood of such things happening.

– CK


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