M Day 


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I could not help but search for some funny Pinterest quotes. Some of them are quite hilarious but this one stood out because it’s too true. Even till today, some of the best advice comes from my mother. Then I think about the past 6 months being a mom to Nat and the main reflection I have is that I should not be so paranoid about things, which intensified after he fell off the bed.

I/we cannot protect him from everything. He has to fall and fail, in order to learn to get back up on his feet without me/us being a crutch.

The irony – after I had typed the last sentence, Nat almost fell off his rocker chair! HJ forgot to strap him in but thankfully I saw him in the mirror and we stopped it in time *deep breath*.

T-4 days (till work). 

More excited than anxious. 

– CK



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