Nat @ 5 months

We just went for Nat’s 5th month vaccine… in a nutshell it was quite a funny session with his PD asking “Aiyo so heavy, what have you been feeding him?” Of which, HJ replied that he thought Nat wasn’t gaining weight fast enough (he’s 8.2kg), which I think it’s alright? Then, his PD laughed and responded that Nat is chubby enough haha all this while squeezing his thighs.

Nat the drool monster while waiting for his turn

So the trip to the PD also answered some of my questions, especially with regard to his puree feeds.

In summary:

  1. We can increase his puree feed to twice a day – once in the mid-morning and once in the middle of the afternoon. However, as Nat usually naps from 230/3-5pm, we can give the purée once he wakes up. 
  2. More importantly, what kind of puree can we give in the evenings? Sweet potato & yam is no no because it can cause gas and lead to digestion issues. Hence, rice cereal, pumpkin and carrots are the safest options.
  3. Order of feed should be puree followed by milk top-up, with the latter to be adjusted according to how much puree he actually consumes. For example, if 4 to 5 ounces of rice cereal is consumed (a whole bowl), then he would be too full to finish anymore milk. Of course things don’t always go according to plan – if baby is too hungry at 6pm, need to offer 20-30ml of milk first, then start the puree. They basically have to be in a good, calm mood to eat their semi-solids.
  4. Since we had already dropped the 11pm dreamfeed quite early on, our PD told us to keep the last 10pm feed so that Nat won’t have any early morning awakenings. In summary, her guideline was 2 puree feeds (10am and 6pm), supplemented by milk and 3 full milk feeds (7am, 2pm and 10pm) over 24 hours. *Nat’s full feed now is quite fixed at 180ml. 

Here comes the exciting part…

In terms of ‘new’ foods that he can try before his next appointment, these have been added to the existing list:

  • Avocado
  • Oatmeal cereal
  • Banana (starting tomorrow!)

This is his menu for the next few days:

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 7.18.00 pm

  • I chose not to give bananas for 3 days straight just in case he gets gassy. 
  • The yam this week is from Thailand and is a lighter shade of purple as opposed to last week’s variant from Japan, which costs twice as much and is a very dark purple.
  • On those days he’s trying out a new food item like the banana and Thailand yam, we’ll be giving him something he has already tried and tested in the evening so if anything goes wrong, we’ll know that the culprit is the new food since he has no issues with rice cereal, pumpkin or carrot.

Then at the appointment, we forgot to ask if Nat can take gripe water in case he gets another gassy episode. Oh well, we’ll leave it until his next vaccination then.

All in all, we’re just glad that all is well with Nat and that he’s getting a chance to try different foods, whilst still taking the bulk of his milk and sleeping well. The two occasions he woke up at 2am and 5am respectively was no joke man. I think we have forgotten how it felt like to wake up in the middle of the night. Looking back, I don’t know how we survived in Nov and Dec last year. 

– CK


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