Fussy and Gassy

Poor Nat had quite a difficult evening last night. We suspect it’s the sweet potato. He also had more gas than usual in the PM. Then between 9-1030pm, he would cry in discomfort and did not finish his last feed. Finally at 1045pm after a tummy rub then he settled down and slept. So today and over the weekend, we’re giving him his fave rice cereal and taking a break from starchy puree.

If there’s anything we took away from our pre-natal class, it’s baby massage haha!

So once again… I was on some pseudo-detective case to isolate what could have possible caused all that gas.

Q1. Was it the sweet potato? We highly suspect so.

  • Nat was given Japanese sweet potato from Monday to Wednesday and only yesterday (Thursday) we bought Australian sweet potato and fed it to him with rice cereal.
  • I thought it was the switch to the Australian sweet potato but HJ noted that on Wednesday night, Nat strangely cried out in discomfort in the middle of the night at 2am. The last time he did that was when he was less than 3 months old. So HJ thinks it is sweet potato in general because the high sugar content may make it difficult for babies to stomach, literally. Even some adults feel gassy after consuming sweet potato.
  • So apparently, babies can be sensitive to sweet potatoes. I don’t think Nat’s allergic to it as there’s no rash or change in his poop. Instead, he just had a lot of gas.
  • Or maybe, sweet potato puree alone is fine but when combined with a bit of rice cereal = too overwhelming in terms of the starch? Linked to this, it could be that Nat was already eating sweet potato for 3 days (the recommended time to test for food allergies) so on hindsight, we should have given him sweet potato again Thursday morning.

Q2. Was it the evening feed yesterday, which wasn’t warm enough that Nat eventually didn’t finish? I doubt it. 

  • At 6pm, he drank 100ml and left 80ml so we warmed it and our helper tried to feed him again at 640pm, which he wasn’t interested so we dumped the milk away.
  • Hence, I do not think it was the milk because we always keep it warm and then subsequently discard the milk after max. 45mins if Nat cannot finish because beyond 1hour, formula milk will turn sour.

Q3. How do we know that gas was the culprit? 

  • Whenever Nat was in a lying down or reclined position, he would cry out in discomfort. So he could not sleep nor drink his last feed. I knew he was probably hungry because he would directly latch me but when we switched position to the bottle, he would refuse it and cry. Yep, just when I thought my breastfeeding days were over haha. 
  • He only felt better if he sat upright, of which he would let out a burp.
  • There was also the frequent passing of gas, which actually started in the afternoon and disrupted his nap.
  • We then rubbed some traditional Chinese stomach oil, specifically to expel stomach wind. Thereafter, he felt better and could sleep.
  • As there are a lot of possible reasons for gas in babies, we just tried to eliminate them one by one.

Thankfully, Nat was able to settle and sleep by 1045pm. As he had not consumed a full feed at night, I gave him a 60ml top-up at 1am before I slept and that lasted him until 7am.

This morning, he’s also back to his usual routine, rice cereal and a good appetite.

So I guess this gassy episode is over for now. At Nat’s next PD appointment, I’ll let his doctor know and see what she advises next.

  • Do we reintroduce it again but maybe in smaller amounts? I don’t wish to 100% cut something out of his diet, unless the reaction is a severe one. My current plan is to re-introduce it again but maybe a smaller amount and maybe test again for 2 days, not 3.

Good luck to us when we try more foods when Nat is 5 or 6 months old.

– CK


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