The 10pm Feed

So apparently this feed will gradually be dropped once babies start consuming more solids in the day. Nat’s currently taking puree once in the morning so it’s not time yet but before the PD tells us to increase his puree intake to 2x a day, I’m experimenting to find out what is Nat’s “sweet spot” i.e. how much can we decrease Nat’s last feed by and still, have him sleep through until 630am. This was after he slept for almost 10hrs straight last Sunday after taking 180ml at his last feed… so maybe we need not feed him such a big amount at 10pm (unless he demands it of course) and instead, increase the intake for his first feed of the day at 7am? 

From Gina Ford’s Top Tips for Weaning book

This is not to say we are reducing the 10pm milk intake indefinitely. 

  • For now, instead of feeding 180ml at 10pm, we’ve been giving Nat 150ml for the past 3 days and he is able to sleep through until 630/7am. 
  • I’m not comfortable reducing the amount any further because Nat hasn’t begun eating solids in the afternoon/evening so until then, I’m going to stick with giving him 150ml for his last feed. 
  • Ideally, I wanted to increase his 7am feed intake by 20ml since his last feed intake has decreased but as of today, he still is only able to finish 120ml in the morning. Anything more, he just starts playing with the teat. Having said that, I only tried this for 1 day so for the next 2-3 days, I’ll continue making 120+20ml and see how much he can finish. 

A key principle amidst all this is that weaning does not = replacing milk with solids. 

This article summaries it very well that milk is still the bulk of what babies need to consume. So even with solids in the picture, Nat should be still consuming 500-600ml of milk per day (including the milk that’s mixed with his puree to soften it). That is why even if we decrease his 10pm feed by a little bit, I’m hoping to increase his morning feeds. Currently, he’s consuming within range (approx. 550ml on average) so I suppose all is well. 

Who knew baby care would be this ‘technical’? Actually, I probably make it as such vs. 100% just going with Nat’s flow. 

I guess it’s a combination of our intervention as well as observing Nat’s physical needs that has worked for us thus far and hopefully we can continue to be consistent. 

– CK 


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