High Chair Now?? 

So after two days of ‘experimentation’, we conclude that Nat still needs his AM nap between 730-930am. He also woke up to drink his first feed of the day at 645/7am these past two days so yay, no major changes to his routine (yet). In other news, we now have to decide when to buy a high chair and what kind of high chair -.- I didn’t think Nat would need one until 5-6 months but he’s almost 5 months now and can sit up with minimal assistance so it maybe about time I guess?

This is Nat acting all grown up inside a high chair from IKEA @ our church nursery on Sunday. Normally one would buy the attachable table and accompanying cushion for back support. The good thing about this high chair is it’s high back rest compared to our Bumbo seat that doesn’t have such a high backing.

The only downsides to this is that there are no lockable wheels and the height of the legs can’t be adjusted. I’m okay with that but my mom would appreciate the flexibility of feeding Nat on the high chair in other areas in the house besides the dining table such as the living room sofa.

There are also baby chairs by Mothercare but personally, I don’t wish to spend so much on a high chair so am not too keen on the pricer ones. As Nat will also be over at my mom’s quite often, we may need to buy 2 high chairs?!

Initially, we thought he can be fed sitting in his rocker chair when we lock it but he doesn’t like to be strapped in nowadays. Currently, he sits on my small retro rattan chair for his morning purée.

However, this isn’t sustainable because eventually he needs his own high chair and table to feed himself finger foods and what not.

While were given a Bumbo seat as a present, complete with a table tray, I don’t feel very secure strapping that to my dining table chair. Though I can pass that to my mom to use at her place in the living room.

So the search for a high chair continues and… I got to mentally adjust my mindset to one that has Nat joining us at the dining table eventually and having his high chair take up more space in our house. Clearly, part of me is still stuck in my delusion that our house doesn’t really need to be baby-friendly or filled with baby items.


– CK


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