Dropping Naps? 

Here we go again… Nat’s going to be 5 months next week and his sleep patterns may be changing again. This morning, we failed to wake up at 7am to give him his first feed of the day. We only woke at 8am to find him still sleeping?! Then because he woke up later, he skipped his early morning nap and only napped again at 1130am.

Does this mean he can go on longer than 7hours at night without being hungry? 

Should we move his last feed a bit earlier or his first feed later? 

I honestly have no idea. 

Amidst the above questions I have, I read about the 3 to 2 daytime nap transition but that usually happens after 6 months so I’m not in a rush to have him drop naps yet until he’s ready to. He had previously moved from 4 to 3 daytime naps quite fast around 3 months+ so I don’t hope to see another drop so soon. This is because babies between 4-12 months still need to sleep between 12-16 hours in a day – 4 to 5 hours of daytime naps (7am to 7pm) and 9-10 hours in the night (after 7pm).

Currently, his daily schedule is one where he naps 3x and feeds 5x. This has been fairly consistent since he was 3.5 months old.

  • 645/7am: wake up feed #1
  • 745-945am: nap #1 (1.5 hrs)
  • 1015am: puree & milk feed #2
  • 11am: bath time
  • 12-1pm: nap #2 (max. 1 hr)
  • 130/2pm: milk feed #3
  • 230/245-5pm+: nap #3 (max. 2.5 hrs)
  • 6/630pm: milk feed #4
  • 7/730pm: wash up
  • 8pm: sleep
  • 10/1030pm: final milk feed #5

The only thing that Nat successfully dropped is the 11/1130pm dreamfeed when he was approaching 4 months so now his 10pm feed is the last full one of 160-180ml. Our PD had advised us to drop the dreamfeed if it’s not necessary because she said it’s not good for their gum health if they drink milk so late at night. Apparently the 10pm feed has to drop also but not so soon? It will usually happen when baby starts taking semi-solids in the late afternoon/evening.

So back to his potential routine changes… we’ll start some experimentation tomorrow -> the plan is if Nat isn’t awake/hungry before 7am, we won’t rouse/feed him. Then by 730am I’ll feed him and see whether he will still go down for a morning nap. If yes, the time he goes down to nap would help me better ascertain what is his waketime “sweet spot” before becoming overtired.

Guess there will be much more of such trial and error experimentation this coming month.

In other news, it’s day 1 of sweet potato puree tom 🙂

– CK


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