Baby Room Reorientation 

So this happened because we were all worried about Nat potentially flipping and going over the higher platform of the playpen at night. The mattress on the floor idea was thrown out the window the moment we saw a cockroach yesterday. So HJ came up with the idea to swap the cot and playpen, at least this way Nat will sleep safely in his cot in our room and we still have the playpen in Nat’s room to change his diapers/clothes and for him to nap in the mornings.

This is the best we can do within the space constraints of the nursery. 

Playpen – currently used to change his diapers/clothes on the platform. We’ll eventually lower the platform for Nat to play inside. 

Diaper trolley – I insisted that even if the cot was coming to our room, there was no way the diaper trolley was entering our room as well so thankfully it still serves its purpose next to the playpen. 

Feeding chair – This huge piece of furniture, that was part of my living room sofa set but can’t fit in our living room is most frequently used by HJ to do the 630am wake-up feed. When Nat was a newborn, this was also where HJ read his Winston Churchill book to Nat, of which it always made the latter fall asleep. Some nights I also hide in the nursery and watch my online shows on this chair so we’ll definitely be keeping this here for as long as possible. 

Side table – Currently housing Nat’s night lamp, bottle warmer and basket of wet ones (kept in the shelves of the side table). Eventually we’ll move the wet ones someplace else and keep Nat’s toys there so it is within reach for him. 

Bookshelf – My favorite part of Nat’s room that contains his books and other miscellaneous items such as his medication box and memorabilia box for cards and such. 

The current downsides to this new arrangement that needs some adjustment is… 

1) I need to walk a bit more and avoid the corner of the cot before I reach the toilet. 

2) If Nat needs to be patted/soothed to sleep, we may have to stand and do it whereas previously I could sit on my small rattan chair next to his playpen, which was shorter/smaller. 

The main pro? 

1) The side of the cot can be adjusted upwards so he can’t fling himself over. In the picture above, the side is up.

Good news is today is night 1 of this new arrangement and Nat was able to fall asleep in his cot with no big issue.We’ll see how the rest of the night turns out. 


– CK 


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