For some time now, we’ve noticed that Nat does not really want to touch/play with his toys. Now that he can roll over, he loves tummy time but no matter what is in front of him, he does not really reach out for it, except his favorite ‘ring’ toy which ends up straight in his mouth.

However, he does seem more willing to use his hands to touch/explore his books. Guess that isn’t too bad! Whatever floats his boat, we’ll go with it. 

So back to toys, last Sunday while we were having lunch at a cafe, we noticed that Nat was very intrigued by a mineral water bottle. We brought it back to the car and he was starring and touching it. 

So that gave me an idea — sensory bottles! However, in the meantime while I am collecting the bottles, I did some sensory ‘mini pots’ first. 

These are breastmilk containers but since my pumping journey is almost at its end, I filled them with rice, pasta, red beans and black beans for different sound effects. However, Nat is just mostly listening to the sounds but not really shaking anything!  

Can’t wait for the time Nat starts playing and exploring everything. Then I can do more DIY-sensory toys such as the examples found HERE. Just need to find a way to neatly store away his toys because the last thing I want is to have the whole living room filled with Nat’s things. 

For now, all of Nat’s current playtime items are in these containers. The one in front is actually a plant stand that I turned upside down to become a basket of sorts haha. It’s like the best value buy ever!

So yes, it may sound idealistic now but am hoping to still keep things tidy even as his things multiply. 

– CK 


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