We’ve started Nat on puree for about 1.5 weeks and so far he has tried rice cereal, pumpkin and carrots. We think he does not really like carrots, based on his ‘meh’ facial expression but being the food champ that he is, he still finished the whole bowl. Our helper said that usually when trying new food, babies may just take in 0.5-1 tablespoon’s worth of puree so she’s never seen anything like Nat who chomps down 3 tablespoon’s worth. After that, he still drinks 100-160ml of milk. Next up in April, we’ll be introducing sweet potato and yam before his next PD appointment.

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So on this topic of introducing semi-solids to babies, I came across some interesting reads.

This website, contains free downloadable food charts depending on the age of the baby i.e. 4-6 months, 6-8 months and so on. Very useful.

On my own, I refer to the food brochure given by our PD and plan Nat’s puree menu accordingly. This allows me to do what I love, which is to plot a timetable schedule of his puree breakfast as the PD told us to start feeding him puree once a day at his 10am feed first.

Now that Nat has tried rice, pumpkin and carrots mixed with a bit of milk, individually over a course of 3 days each, we can now combine the various items. This is where things get exciting because you can combine two vegetables with each other and/or combine one vegetable with rice cereal. One does not have to go into such technical detail because estimation works fine but I just prefer to lay out all the details. This way, our helper will be able to take over and prepare the puree accordingly when I go back to work in May.

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Once he had tried sweet potato and yam, we’ll have more combinations to play with come April. Our neighbour also cautioned us about giving too much ‘orange’ root vegetables in case Nat’s skin turns yellowish. This article explains why.

Parents who feed their infants a lot of orange fruits and vegetables may one day notice that their infant’s palms, soles of the feet and even face have taken on an orange hue.

Maybe that’s not happening now as he takes puree 1x a day but will definitely ask our PD this when it’s time to feed him puree 2x a day. Maybe we can regulate the ‘orange’ vegetables to 2-3x a week.

Interestingly, I also found out that there’s a co-relation between sleep and introducing solids! I’m currently reading this book (below), and apparently introducing solids too early and/or the wrong solids can affect night time sleep.


One case in point was an example of a baby being fed bananas and avocado too much during lunch. While the baby enjoyed the taste, the book states that these two foods are quite hard to digest and not really recommended for babies under 6 months. As such, the baby felt ‘full’ and hence, cut back on her milk intake. As a result of not getting enough milk in the day, she woke up in the early morning hungry.

Moral of story is that the bulk of calories for babies still come from milk so feeding too much puree in the day/evening may affect the subsequent milk intake in the day/evening. Will definitely take note of this and try to balance things when Nat starts taking puree more than 1x a day. Currently, for Nat, what is crucial to him sleeping through the night from 11pm to 6/630am remains the same – he needs to take a full feed of 180ml at 1030pm so whatever meal he has before that should not be too filling such that he isn’t ‘hungry enough’ at 1030pm.

All of it seems to complex but after some readings, it just gets more interesting. Now, the joke is that I am asking HJ to clear some books of his shelf to make way for the baby-related books that I am reading haha

– CK


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