Sleeping Arrangements?

Now that Nat has learnt how to roll over and turn, he can’t stop doing it! He does it in his crib before/after his bath, during diaper changes, in his night playpen when it’s time for him to sleep and of course on our bed. So one question that I have is, after he can start to crawl and potentially fall over his crib/playpen because the current platform is quite high, where does he sleep !? or rather, what is a safe sleeping arrangement?

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Currently, Nat sleeps in our room inside a playpen on the higher platform. During the day, he naps on my bed because I’m still on leave. He is also able to sleep in his crib during the day but because our camera monitor connection isn’t working in his room, we stop letting him sleep there in January this year.

There’s an article about sleeping options so here are some arrangements we can explore:

1. Playpen in our room – We have the option to remove the higher level of the playpen’s platform but the lowest one is more for Nat to play inside and/or nap during the day. At night, I don’t think it is suitable and it would be back-breaking for us to keep bending over once we remove the higher level platform.

2. Crib in Nat’s own room – We’ll let Nat take his morning nap in his crib once I go back to work, after we fix the camera monitor connection. The crib platform can be adjusted to different heights so it’s a viable a long-term option when Nat starts to crawl and eventually walk. However, HJ would like Nat to bunk in our rooms until he is 1 year old so I don’t think he would be happy and/or approve of Nat sleeping separately in his own room so soon. Can we wheel the crib into our room while the current playpen bed goes out to our living room? It is possible but… space-wise though our master-bedroom is big enough to house the crib, I rather have more space. For the immediate short-term, I’ve already had to put bumpers around in case he knocks his head while turning.

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3. Small mattress on the floor next to our bed – I am currently very keen on this approach. I mean if there’s anywhere “safe”, it’s somewhere that he can’t fall down from right? However, this would entail that we have to literally go down to his level and babyproof our room such that there are no hazards such as electrical cords, small and harmful substances that he can consume e.g. small items and face/skin cream within his reach. So the idea is that Nat can sleep on the mattress at night until it’s time to move him into his own room. I don’t think there is a definitive ‘right’ time to move the baby to his/her own room but for me, the sooner the better whereas for HJ, he would like to be in the same room with Nat at night so we’ll have to reach a compromise eventually.

– CK



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