Strange Awakenings

So the past day or so has been quite strange…  because out of the blue, when Nat is sleeping, he will currently make some “struggling” sounds then when we go into the room, he’s trying to turn over! But why in the middle of his sleep?! Then either his left or right hand will be stuck underneath his body so he will just flip right back. Guess we’ll be witnessing more of such weird antics in the next few weeks.

The two times we caught him rolling over halfway through his slumber!

Maybe we should start to be more aware of what milestones to expect next, as a lot apparently happens between 4 and 6 months of age.

A few weeks back, I took a break from my reading and research once Nat started sleeping through the night because the bulk of my literature revolved around sleep training and the like haha

Oh man, whatever happened to the time when they were just a swaddled lump. Within a few months, I got to start thinking about baby-proofing our house.

– CK


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