Weaning Begins 

Today is Day 2 of us giving Nat rice cereal and thankfully he’s taking to it rather well. Initially we did a taste test and it’s really bland so we weren’t sure if he would like it but he finished all the cereal in the bowl on both days! Can’t wait to start pumpkin on Wed as it’s recommended to wait 3-4 days before introducing a new food. 

For starters, this is what we know about weaning so far thanks to books and brochures. 

  1. Time of day: Nat’s PD told us to start once a day first at his 10am feed. So that’s his 2nd feed of the day. If anything goes wrong, he would have had a normal milk feed at 630/7am. More importantly, we should to pick a time where baby is happy and alert and you can’t hurry these things so it’s crucial that one isn’t rushing. On Sat, we gave it a good 1hr buffer time to try. In reality, it took about 25minutes. Today took lesser time, around 12minutes. 
  2. Consistency: Ideally it should be a bit thicker than milk but not too thick/dry either so we mix 1 dessert spoon (0.5 table spoon) of cereal to 25ml of formula milk. We derived this ratio from the box which stated 1 serving to be 4 tablespoons with 200ml water. Once Nat can take more, we will increase it to 2 dessert spoons (1 table spoon). 
  3. Milk: For most of the first year, offering semi-solids is more to give babies a taste of food from the various food groups while milk is still the main staple. So in the beginning, the purée is like an appetizer and we end off with approx 100ml milk. Only if Nat consumes a whole purée meal (4 table spoons), then our PD says there is no need to give anymore milk for that feed. 
  4. Food groups: As we are just starting out, our PD told us to let him try the following foods first as they are more starchy – rice, pumpkin, carrots, sweet potato, yam and banana (1st column of the brochure our PD gave us.)

Exciting 🙂

Then while reading up about weaning and what not, I’ve also come across BWL, known as Baby Led Weaning where the purée stage is skipped altogether and babies feeds themselves with soft, bite-sized table foods starting from 6 months onwards. I’m sure every weaning method has its own pros and cons but we’re more comfortable with the old school method of feeding purées before moving on to letting baby handle/feed themselves table food later on. 

– CK 


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