Semi-Solids?? (I’m not ready!) 

At the PD today for Nat’s 4th month vaccinations, our Doctor said that he’s ready for semi-solids after I described his strange milk behavior that started in early March. So apparently, he’s “bored” of his milk and we can start him off on some cereal, before moving on to starchy purée (carrots, pumpkins…etc.). Guess it’s time for me to get up to speed on how to do this semi-solids business. I’ve only had time to read briefly about it so I am definitely not fully prepared yet.

Some ‘obvious’ signs that Nat’s ready include:

  1. Sudden drop in milk intake
  2. Disinterest in milk (super not interested)
  3. Drooling (yup…a lot)
  4. Fingers in mouth (all the time!)

Our PD also explained that while the National Health Promotion Board recommends starting only at 6 months, she prefers to follow the European standard (?) and start between 4 to 6 months. I mean, personally, if Nat is supposedly ready based on all the above signs, no harm just starting. We’re both not insistent on following any particular timeline and if his PD says so, we’ll proceed accordingly.

I guess it is sheer coincidence that I also received an email from about Introducing Solids and it has a few good points to note:

  • To prepare, mix a small amount of baby cereal with formula, breast milk or even water to create a creamy “soup.” 
  • Offer a first course of formula or breast milk to whet that appetite, then bring on the solids. 
  • Start by gently placing about a quarter teaspoon of food on the tip of baby’s tongue. If that’s swallowed, place the next quarter teaspoon a little farther back.

To kick things off, Nat’s PD says he is supposed to take 2 small spoons of cereal with milk for his 10am feed. He’ll then be given some milk after, just not a full feed. The rest of his feeds throughout the day will still be milk.

My mom’s helping us buy the Cerelac (I am clueless as to how to begin semi-solids) while I take his food equipment out of our kitchen storage.

For when we eventually start him on purée

Bowl sets we received for Nat’s 1st month party


Didn’t imagined we’ll be using the baby food processor set and his other bowl sets so soon but guess we all have to start somewhere!

The good news is that I’ve got 1.5 months of leave left so I get to witness this transition and experimentation before I go back to work. As the weekend begins tomorrow, we’ll both be here to witness Nat trying cereal for the first time. Thereafter, we will also introduce new food items only on weekends, preferably Sat so that both of us can be here when it happens. This is exciting but also a bit sad, our baby is growing up fast :/

Nat at the PD today… sucking away on the carrier strap


– CK


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