Baby Back Woes

I just went to see my chiropractor because of a persistent pain in my neck/shoulder that started last weekend. As it is, I’ve scoliosis (my spine is “S” shaped), imbalanced hips and flat feet so having Nat ard 8kg doesn’t help. Things get worse as I get older and even some exercises are off limits now. Morale of story is… I need to stop carrying Nat only using my right side and using the carrier is the last resort for me 😦

I started going to Family Chiropractic at Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 in 2015 through a friend’s recommendation because the change in office environment and sitting at my table looking at a computer monitor left me with a dull pain in my right neck/shoulder.

Thereafter, I regularly went back to get adjustments roughly once every 3 months.

Even when I was pregnant, I still went to get my back adjusted because as I approached the 3rd trimester, the extra weight left me with lower back aches and pelvis pain.

It’s really to each his own because some, like my mom would advise against seeing the chiro or going for foot massages when pregnant but I only went ahead after checking with my gynae and I was also no longer in the first trimester. Moreover, I had been seeing my chiro since 2015 and she was someone I could trust. I think the foot massages did have a part to play in keeping water retention at bay because my feet didn’t swell much at all throughout my pregnancy.

Due to my scoliosis, there’s nothing that can permanently fix my spine but how I take care of my back is entirely within my control. The tricky thing is that now I have a growing baby who is only going to get heavier.

So here’s what I should keep in mind:

  1. When sitting down, try not to cross my legs because of my imbalanced hips so my bad habit of crossing my legs worsens the misalignment. This is a hard one to kick because I tend to cross my legs almost every time I’m seated except when driving!?
  2. Try not to jog/run too long a distance because of my flat feet and the impact it has on my ankles, which affects how I walk and also contributes to further hip imbalance. Previously doing 3-5km didn’t have much of an impact whereas now 2.4km is my max because I get a strange feeling in my ankle so I stop.
  3. Be conscious to carry Nat using my left side and not only on my right as much as the latter is very intrinsic to me.

Sigh. I just hope I can feel a bit better in a day or two so that I can resume my gym/exercise activities, which I’ve stopped for a few days to rest my neck/shoulder and back. I wrongly assumed that once I gave birth, my back problems won’t come back to haunt me. In fact, last December saw me going to the chiro because we kept bending over to carry Nat up from his crib and rocker.

So… as much as I find him so irresistibly cute, with those mesmerizing eyes….

Sorry son, your father’s gonna be doing most of the carrying from now on!

– CK


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