Water Baby 

For two Saturdays now, Nat has been floating and kicking around in his inflatable pool. This would be a regular thing until he’s 5-6 months then we’ll bring him to the cold, cholrinated adult pool. This started after we observed how he loves bathtime and is always kicking in his tub so why wait ;p 

Getting it together was easier than expected and took less than a week. I found a ring pool from Q100.sg and it came with a free electrical pump. Total damage was <$35. Then my sister bought the neckfloat during a BHG sale for around $10. Overall, still cheaper than one session at a baby spa? 

After he’s done with this, everything can be repacked into the box and sold (I hope) because there really isn’t a lot of storage space left in the house. As it is, if the weather is too chilly, we fill the pool in our master toilet and not the balcony. Thankfully, the water is then used to wash our two toilets and the balcony so not all of it is wasted. 

Gradually the plan is to lower the water temperature over the next few weeks. Currently it’s still a bit warm because I read that the usual swimming pool water may be too cold for babies under 6 months

The next challenge would be how to get him to be confident under water? Yikes or maybe we’ll just find a baby swim class haha. Being able to swim does not directly translate to being an effective swim teacher! So I guess let’s just stick to floating around and basic things like water confidence for now. 

– CK 


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