One Hit Wonder?

On a surprising note, today has been a very good morning. Nat slept 8.5hours straight, from 940pm to 610am, woke up happy and we managed to fit in all his morning activities (tummy time, reading, bathing) before going down for his 2nd morning nap at 1115am. I’m really hoping this will become a trend and not a one hit wonder!

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We are currently in the midst of some experimentation after Nat decided to waste some of his milk over the past 2-3 days by not finishing a full feed. So we conducted some experiments to find out why this was the case. I know it sounds totally crazy that we have to do such things like a mini-science project but it’s absolutely necessary for me to try and comprehend things!

Our hypothesis was that there were two potential culprits for his milk wastage:

  1. Nat could be experiencing a lengthening of his intervals between feeds such that if we fed him at the 3.5hr mark, he was not really hungry enough to finish a full feed (160ml). My mom is of the opinion that 3.5 hours is too soon since he isn’t even fussing but I read somewhere that if baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet, should feed every 3.5hrs to ensure that they have enough daytime calories. Guess everything you read may not apply to your kiddo. 
  2. I also started using a new teat for 3months+ by AVENT – it is one that has a variable flow that can regulate the flow speed by turning it but it seemed as if he was not liking the teat very much and prefers his current one, with two holes, meant for 1m+ babies.

So yesterday evening’s experiment was about keeping the teat constant i.e. using the current one he is comfortable with but changing his feeding intervals to ascertain whether his inability to finish a full feed is because he isn’t really hungry?

Observations: He could finish a full feed at 520pm and 4 hours later at 920pm, was able to finish 180ml ?!

Conclusions: So based on his two feedings at 520pm and 920pm yesterday, we concluded that he has now progressed to a 4 hour feed interval from 3.5 hours. Somehow, drinking 180ml at 920pm allowed him to sleep non-stop from 940pm until 6am the next day. Before we went to bed, HJ told me he had a good feeling Nat would sleep through the night. I brushed it aside but it was true!

Then for this morning’s experiment, I kept his feeding interval constant by feeding at every 4 hourly but at his 1020am feed but he was fed with the new teat.

Observations: Instead of sucking on it, he was simply playing with it in his mouth and not drinking any milk.

Conclusions: Our suspicions were right that Nat did not really like the new teat very much. So I swapped the teat back to his old preferred one and he drank 145ml of milk. $8.50 wasted on the new teats – perhaps we can try them again when he is a bit older next month.

Moving forward, I know things will only become a trend after it has happened for a few days so I am really hoping that this new schedule works out.

So to prep ourselves for his changes, I’ve updated his schedule as such:

630/7am: 1st feed of the day then go back to sleep [NAP 1 – usually 2hrs]

930/10am: study/exercise routines

1030/11am: late morning feed, bathe (possible to bathe also before a feed) then sleep [NAP 2 – usually 1.5hrs]

2pm: afternoon feed (Not necessary to give a full feed if 4 hours have not passed but just enough to get him through his long afternoon nap. Likewise, feed baby if hungry at the 3 hours mark), play then sleep [NAP 3 – usually 2hrs]

530/6pm: evening feed 

7pm: wash up then relax, put to bed by 815pm*

* If we’re out then this usually happens later but Nat would take a cat nap either in the carrier or his pram 

930pm: night feed

Somehow as he gets older, the earlier “eat/wake/sleep” routines have now naturally evolved to a “eat/wake/sleep/wake…eat” habit. I find it very interesting reading about these from books and then witness it happening in real life while HJ, who was quite confused by all these details yesterday just wants me to tell him what he’s supposed to do next with Nat haha

– CK


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