There, I Applied To Work Part Time ! 

Prior to Nat’s arrival, working on a part time load was never on the cards. I repeat, never. HJ tried asking me to consider taking No-Pay-Leave (NPL) for a year when I was still expecting Nat but no, I was only okay applying for maximum two months NPL. Then last week, with 10 more weeks of leave to go, there was this constant nagging feeling in my gut that made me reconsider going back to work full time. All this while, HJ was sure that he does not want to put Nat in infant care so we don’t really have any care options besides our helper. I was really torn because while I enjoy and miss work, I also want to spend more time with Nat.

The primary reason was really the sheer reduction of time I’ll be spending with Nat if I work full time. On a normal work day, I’ll have to leave the house at 7am and by the time I get home, it would be close to 7pm. So I’ll be able to give Nat his 1st wake-up feed and wash him up at night before HJ puts him to bed. No doubt the daily routines I’ve established these past 3 months+ will be continued and enforced by our helper and my mum but I guess a part of me still very much wants to be a part of some of his routines. Hopefully I can witness some of his milestones such as rolling over, crawling, walking etc. first hand and not just via video.

It was this knowledge that I’ll not be able to do most of the things I’m doing now that was the main push factor, especially our post wake-up feed snuggles 🙂

So the struggle was very real but I just knew in my gut that going the part time route would be the best for the rest of 2017, until Nat turns 1. The other option was HJ’s original suggestion to take a longer NPL but because I do not want to give up my car and have such a drastic change in lifestyle, I need to have partial income.

I still very much want to work so since both work and Nat are important to me, I made the decision to apply for a 2/3 part time load so that I can hopefully balance both roles.

Now that my immediate bosses are supportive, the next hurdle would be clearing the remaining approvals. As it is, I am already very thankful that such an arrangement was possible and was cleared within 2 days?

I emailed my immediate boss on Wednesday night (22/2), told a few close friends, prayed about it and left the rest to God. By the end of Friday (24/2), both my immediate boss and my Director had replied to say that they were supportive of my decision. So I really thank God that everything has worked out thus far.

Sigh…the saying that a child will change your life in ways that you never thought possible is indeed very very true.

– CK


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