Oohs and Aahs – Nat’s Quirks

At 715am, just after his wake up feed and just before he went back to sleep, we had an impromptu ‘convo’ with our son, basically gimmerish sounds and I thought it would be funny to have a record of some of Nat’s quirks at 15 weeks/3.5 months. 

Eating habits: 

From day 1, he takes everything and anything – breast, bottle etc. Am excited to see how he takes to semi-solids and solids eventually. We have quite a greedy boy! 

Play habits: 

  1. Loves to ‘talk’ (since 2mths+) – time to eat, talk… time to sleep, still talking. Our new nickname for him is gigglypuff for obvious reasons haha 
  2. Can be very focused when starring at his cards, books etc. 
  3. Prefers reading to exercising i.e. tummytime and finger-gripping toys but we still incorporate time for both in his daily routine 
  4. Likes soaking/chillaxing in his bath tub, very strong kicks too
  5. He’s quite a vainpot – always smiling/laughing when we dress him up 

Sleep habits:

He LOVES sleeping on his side during naps and in his car seat… 

And… this is his weirdest yet…

In an event of a sudden awakening or if he’s overstimulated, he falls back to sleep best only when we ‘smack’ and ‘shake’ his butt. It’s now a household catch phrase – smack & shake. 

Yup, Nat has some very strange habits and we love him so. 

– CK