Our Sunday: Murphy & Milk Leaks 

So yesterday had both good and not-so-good parts… let’s see, we went to church after a 1mth hiatus and managed to catch a movie (after 4 months)!

As Nat hardly cries, we got to sit in the main sanctuary at church!

However, while we were out at night and Nat was at my mum’s, there was some milk bottle/teat mismatch and leaking milk drama that saw my sis driving our helper, fast and furious style back to our house to grab the correct bottle/teat match while my mum was soothing a hungry baby.

So the complications started when I accidentally bought some Avent bottles that had an extra ring, so the bottle, ring and teat have to be used together as a set. Prior to this, all our bottles do not have this extra anti-colic ring accessory. Anyhow, the complication is that fixing any other bottle parts from the ‘non-ring’ model will result in leaks.

From a blog post that talks about how to prevent leaks (click on pic)


For this set, we’ve pasted them with a “new” label for our ease of recognition.  This is where Murphy came into the picture.

  1. When Nat’s bag was packed, the bottle had the necessary ring but the teat was from our other model so it wasn’t a correct match – a genuine mistake because we have quite a few bottles and teats on the drying rack! 
  2. Usually we will always pack 2 bottles when we go out but as Nat was going to my mum’s and I forgot to remind our helper to pack 2 bottles just in case, only 1 was packed.

As a result of the mismatch, the bottle (with water) leaked onto his PJs in his bag and thereafter when my mum attempted to feed Nat, the milk bottle leaked all over his clothing.

Thankfully… we live just 5mins away from my mum and my Dad was at home so my sis could use his car to zoom my helper back to retrieve a new bottle set and dry PJs for Nat. All this drama happened and was resolved while we were inside the movie theatre!

Though I was quite tempted to run through how on earth this could happen in my mind, I figured that it was pointless to dwell on it and just move on.

Then I focused on how such things can be rectified in the future by buying a spare bottle to be placed at my mum’s permanently and will also pass her a few sets of Nat’s PJs for evenings that he needs to wash up there. Currently we already have Nat’s diaper supplies and onesies for daytime usage over at my mum’s but I guess there were some loopholes that have now been addressed.

Yup… so that was how our Sunday went – too much excitement at night for my comfort haha

– CK


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