Nat’s 3 weeks shy of 4 months and somedays I wish we could go back to Dec ’16 when he was still a lump inside his swaddle cloth but now at 3 months+, we get to interact more with him and laugh at his daily antics. I’ve 11 more weeks with him before I go back to work so everyday spent looking after him is indeed a blessing.

His schedule is also more of less quite fixed for now. Even our helper is amazed that his feeding, play and nap times are almost the same everyday. Nonetheless, I know it will probably change again come 4 months. According to the books I’ve been reading, babies ard 3-4 months need to get approx. 5hours of sleep in the day over 2-3 naps and 10hours at night* (does not have to be continuous yet).

  • Nat’s day time track record seems okay – he always naps after his bath (30min to an hour), in the afternoon between 2-5pm and ends off with a short cat nap in the evening.
  • It’s his night time hours that needs improvement – assuming we start counting after 9pm, he gets about 9hours in total as he still wakes 1x for a MOTN feed. Us, as parents got to be more disciplined about starting his bedtime routine earlier – now I’ve started washing him up before our dinner instead of after.

Interaction-wise, this is the fun part, it’s priceless seeing how much he babbles and smiles…

Playtime (after his feed and before his naps) now consists of

  1. Reading/looking at flashcards and books (his fave)
  2. Strengthening his grip via his toys
  3. Listening to music/nursery rhymes
  4. Tummy time

Growth-wise, some say Nat is a giant, which caught us by surprise initially because we had no comparison or clue as to how heavy/big babies should be. In fact, I thought he was quite short? It was only after CNY when everyone started commenting that Nat is very tall and chubby did I go and look at the charts in his health booklet. Turns out he is 97th percentile for height and close to 90th percentile for weight?! Today I just took his height, he’s at 68cm (last week he was 65cm). I’ve not weighed him yet. Will leave that to the father haha. It is no wonder he can fit into clothes meant for 4-6months!

As much as I would rather time not pass by so fast, I’m equally excited for the next few weeks/milestones.

– CK


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