Working Out Post-Baby 

So it’s been 3 months post-partum (ppt) and I’m 6.5kg away from my pre-baby weight after quite a slow start but considering that I started from 68.5kg at 38.5weeks preggers, I’m quite glad that some progress is being made haha 

Rewind back to my 29-30weeks appointment when my Doc told us that Nat wasn’t gaining enough weight and to fatten him up, I had to consume more rich (basically fatty) food such as cheese and durian?! At that time I had put on 10.5kg but it apparently wasn’t sufficient. So I started regularly eating red meat, cheese and durian until I was 68kg at full term (37 weeks)! Total weight gained throughout pregnancy was 15kg. 

Sometimes you think to yourself that you would like to put on 12kg at the end of the pregnancy but one can’t always control such things. 

Thereafter at the end of my 1st month ppt, I was about 61.5kg (-7kg since Nat’s birth). At this point, I was not yet exercising so most of it was probably the baby + the placenta + water weight? I didn’t really have very bad water retention during pregnancy so maybe there wasn’t much to lose? 

Between Dec ’16  and Jan ’17, I did visit my gym but not very often (1x a week?) and because I was breastfeeding/pumping every 3hours, I felt hungry very often?! Food wise I was also still eating anything and everything since most of the time was spent on just coping and learning how to take care of Nat. 

It was only after end-Jan did my visits to the gym become more regular (at least 4x a week) at either our place or my mum’s.

There’s something I love very much about the gym at my old place, which I visit once a week when we go there – it’s old but very peaceful to have a workout especially when you want some “me-time”. 

Strangely, I’ve come to look forward to my gym sessions at night. They are not very long – usually 30mins because I always go down after 9pm when Nat has been put to bed and I’m back by 10pm to shower. Perhaps, it’s the variety of circuit exercises that I found which makes things a bit less mundane. Circuits are also better for me physically because running on the threadmill for anything more than 2.4km would always require a visit to my chiropractor due to my left ankle injury. 

Below are some of the circuit workouts/stretches that I follow: 

So at 3 months ppt, the scale is hovering around 59kg and I’ve got about 6kg more to go but strength-wise, things feel different. I guess at the end of the day, the number on the scale is one thing but I’ve also managed to benefit from re-building muscle strength and just getting into a regular exercise routine, something I did not have when I was pregnant but now looking back, I wish I did. 

– CK 


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