Cause & Effect Between Day and Night

This is so bizarre but I’m now interpreting data and trying to identify possible cause-effect relationships between Nat’s day time routine and his sleep patterns at night.

I mean HJ is far simpler, the moment he woke this morning at 615am (after sleeping for almost 7hours), he celebrated that Nat didn’t require a MOTN feed. I on the other hand was in a daze. When Nat started fussing, I thought it was 4/5am so I was shocked that it was 615am? Shocked also because Nat didn’t take any dreamfeed last night at 1110pm – he barely woke up, took 20ml and went back to sleep.

So the main question running through my mind was – why was he able to sleep for almost 7 hours without feeling hungry?  

Then as HJ was feeding Nat his ‘early morning’ feed, I was taking screenshots of data to interpret haha

MAYBE… just maybe, Nat had sufficient calories throughout the day, such that by night time, he was not that hungry and was able to sleep for a longer stretch. Conversely, not having enough calories throughout the day may result in baby waking in the night. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-11 at 12.30.27 PM.jpeg

My current hypothesis based on the above:

  1. Things were normal in the morning until 1150am where he was hungry 2hours after his breakfast feed. I attribute this to a possible growth spurt and gave him 60ml as a top-up to last him until his 130/2pm feed.
  2. His 2pm and 5pm was also normal just that usually he would nap until 530pm but he woke up at 5pm hungry. Once again, I assumed this could be because of a growth spurt since his usual interval for the afternoon is 3.5hours between feeds.
  3. Things only became a bit strange at his dinner feed at 810pm when he did not finish his usual 150ml but was full after consuming 110ml.
  4. Then after sleeping from 945pm to 1115pm (1h10min), he woke up so we prepared 90ml thinking that he would be hungry since it was already 3hrs after his dinner feed but… he barely took 20ml and spat it out. So we stopped and let him go back to sleep.

Today, we shall try to ensure Nat gets enough calories throughout the day and then test the above hypothesis tonight!

Of course while all these questions are running through my mind, I’m of course glad he managed to go a 11pm to 6pm stretch. Maybe I’m still tired because I was busy watching my shows until 1230am *oops*

– CK


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