Growth Spurt Now? 

So I’m camping at my mum’s place now waiting for the plumber because her kitchen is leaking and like a continuation from last night’s episode – Nat was not able to peacefully have his post-bath nap because he was hungry (just 2hrs after a feed?). This was when I typed in “growth spurt 12 weeks” and I got my answer. He’s probably having a growth spurt, despite being somewhat of a giant already! 

Let’s rewind a bit to the morning feed: 

715am: he drank 80ml out of 120ml of his wake up feed, 15minutes later this morning (because his parents could not wake up after last night’s fussing) 

1045am: on schedule after 3.5hours, he was given his breakfast feed upon reaching my mum’s house but he took 135ml out of 140ml (his full feed now can be 160ml

1115am: the usual bath/wash up 

1215-1245pm: the struggle to nap began – he would fall in and out of sleep and started to cry (after 30min, my suspicions proved right and he was indeed hungry – Nat only cries when he is hungry, totally should have known better haha

  • So this is when the normal 3-3.5hr interval goes out the window to give way to the baby’s genuine hunger cues 
  • If baby hungry, at the 2hr mark, FEED 
  • I gave him 60ml at first to ascertain the extent of his hunger, of which he still cried a little bit and could not sleep after finishing so I topped up with another 80ml (this is as good as a full feed already and no longer just a “top-up”)

Then captured below is Nat, able to nap in peace after finishing 140ml of milk… 

It turns out that babies do go through a growth spurt at ard 12 weeks and it all sort of adds up? 

  1. Increased appetite (both last night and this morning, he’s hungry at the 2hr mark as opposed to his usual 3-3.5hr norm)
  2. Wake more at night (more like unable to sleep properly at 9pm because of hunger
  3. Extra sleepy even though sleep may be interrupted by extra feedings (I can only say this is true for his PM naps, suddenly he started taking collapsing his naps into one giant 3-3.5hr nap in the afternoons

So is sleep regression and growth spurts the same thing? Apparently not but they can and tend to overlap/affect each other. 

Below is an interesting read I found about their difference:

[And I thought I could take a break from baby research for a while…. guess not haha] 

– CK


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