Post-Vaccination or Sleep Regression Woes?

1145pm – the latest Nat has slept ever. Everything today was quite the norm with his usual eat/wake/sleep patterns and then suddenly at 930pm, he just could not sleep. So he terrorized me from 945pm to the 1045pm and subsequently, HJ until 1145pm. I’ve heard of the 4 month sleep regression but we’re only at 3 months so could it be a post-vaccination thing? We’ve no clue.

Strangely the trick that got him to finally knock out was HJ swaddling him?! (Strange because he has been able to sleep at night without being swaddled for 2-3 weeks?) 

One minute he’s crying when put down drowsy, the next min he’s completely silent and in dreamland. 

If this isn’t the 4 month sleep regression yet, it’s still a pseudo regression to me because he’s being swaddled to sleep at night again. 

We can only observe what happens tomorrow before making any conclusions.

Anyhow, since this resembles a regression – I found some stuff about the dreaded 4 month sleep regression below:

Turns out swaddling is one coping mechanism/solution to overcoming sleep regressions. I guess the only thing we can do is to stick to the schedule as best as we can. 

– CK 


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