Post-Vaccination or Sleep Regression Woes?

1145pm – the latest Nat has slept ever. Everything today was quite the norm with his usual eat/wake/sleep patterns and then suddenly at 930pm, he just could not sleep. So he terrorized me from 945pm to the 1045pm and subsequently, HJ until 1145pm. I’ve heard of the 4 month sleep regression but we’re only at 3 months so could it be a post-vaccination thing? We’ve no clue.

Strangely the trick that got him to finally knock out was HJ swaddling him?! (Strange because he has been able to sleep at night without being swaddled for 2-3 weeks?) 

One minute he’s crying when put down drowsy, the next min he’s completely silent and in dreamland. 

If this isn’t the 4 month sleep regression yet, it’s still a pseudo regression to me because he’s being swaddled to sleep at night again. 

We can only observe what happens tomorrow before making any conclusions.

Anyhow, since this resembles a regression – I found some stuff about the dreaded 4 month sleep regression below:

Turns out swaddling is one coping mechanism/solution to overcoming sleep regressions. I guess the only thing we can do is to stick to the schedule as best as we can. 

– CK 


Tummy Time? Oops 

Yeah it slipped our minds. Somehow we didn’t get the memo that tummy time is supposed to start after birth (Whut?) and only became more mindful of it ard 2mths+. Then at the PD yesterday for Nat’s 3 month vaccination, we got instructions to have at least 15min of tummy time everyday to strengthen his neck muscles.

Sorry Nat, guess we have to add this into your daily routine that already consists of ‘studying’ and ‘exercise’.

Seems quite stressful being a baby these days with developmental milestones and all. If we didn’t have the health booklet or the PD tell us, we’ll be none the wiser.

So what exactly does ‘studying’ and ‘exercise’ entail for Nat?

The former refers to his flashcard routines and reading activities while the latter refers to us trying to get him to practice grabbing things with his hands and sitting up. Then there’s also music therapy – where I let him listen to nursery rhymes in the day and Disney songs prior to a nap. However, I did this more often when he was between 1-2 months whereas now there’s so many activities to do during his limited 1hour+ waketime.

So to add on to his daily list of activities, we now have to explicitly incorporate more tummy time – on the bed and on Daddy’s tummy of course.

– CK