Sleeping Through The Night?

So this AM, Nat did a 7hour stretch between 1050am and 6am! Could it have been the 90ml dreamfeed at 1045pm? Is this a one-off incident that we got lucky? Whatever it is, at least we know it is possible and hopefully it will happen again. 

Then I also noted that he has ‘dropped’ his 2nd morning nap (usually from 9 to 11am before his bath), and now takes a giant nap in the afternoon averaging 3hours. Thereafter he takes shorter naps until his wash-up/bedtime. 

As for his milk drinking patterns, they too have evolved a bit. 

Current intake: 150-160ml per feed for both breastmilk and formula 

Intervals between feeds: 3.5hrs avg and sometimes even 4hrs (usually in the PM one after his giant nap) 

Poop habits: a big poop once or twice a day as opposed to multiple poops when he was a NB 

Random thoughts after last night’s 7hr episode:

  • Perhaps the smaller naps after his giant afternoon one contributes towards better sleep in the night? As beyond late PM/evening time, we don’t let him nap so long so that it doesn’t interfere with his night rest.
  • Sometimes, after his 8pm feed, we give him a last “supper” feed aka dreamfeed by 11pm so that he won’t wake up at 3am hungry. It worked last night so maybe we could be more consistent with this? Although as he grows older, we also have to somehow drop this dreamfeed. 

Usually he wakes up at 3am+ for 1 MOTN feed so we’re quite lucky he doesn’t wake more than 1x in the night. Moving forward, our concern is if Nat keeps waking up at the same time out of habit as opposed to genuine hunger but thus far, whenever he wakes, he is genuinely hungry so we proceed to feed 60 or 90ml to last him until his wake-up feed at 7am.  

Summary of Nat’s current schedule @ almost 3months: 

7am: wake-up feed, back to sleep 

10am: breakfast feed & waketime before bathing 

11am: bath time, followed by a short nap

1pm: lunch feed & waketime followed by a long nap usually from 2-5pm 

5pm: early evening feed & waketime 

630/7pm: wash up/chill (no more long naps)

8/830pm: night feed then sleep 

1045/11pm: dreamfeed (usually less than a full feed since his last feed was 8pm+) 

*330am: MOTN feed (60/90ml) to last him until his wake-up feed 

So on average he now takes 6, max 7 feeds a day but not all are full 150-160ml ones. 

We shall continue to observe what else is up his sleeve in the weeks to come! Every few weeks he has some new surprises and we got to update his daily schedule accordingly. Like what many people have told us, the only thing constant about a baby is change. Too true.