We Survived 12 Weeks!

Definitely didn’t think 12 weeks could go by so fast but it has! Now, I’m beginning to feel what almost every mom told me – that time will simply fly by and I’ll start to wish that I could have more time to witness all of his milestones and moments. HJ predicted this would happen to me even before I gave birth, which was why he wanted me to consider taking 1 year No Pay Leave (NPL) but noooo… financially I don’t think we can handle having only one of us work so for now, I’ve applied for 2 months NPL so I’ll only go back to work in May when Nat is 6 months old.

So Nat turned 12 weeks yesterday and I was looking through some old phone photos that shows Nat at 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 and 12 weeks old. I think after the first few weeks, his facial features start to ‘stabilise’ and he looks more like himself, with his apple-cheeks and multiple chins 🙂 It seems that the immediate hospital photo isn’t really accurate of how the baby will look like after a few weeks!

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-01 at 12.55.27 PM.jpeg

Even now, the past few months seem quite a blur.

November turned out to be a very comfortable month for us with the help of our confinement nanny so a great deal of my time was spent recovering and learning the ropes of taking care of a NB. I still remember how the nanny did not let us bathe him until week 3 because he was too small to handle in the first 2 weeks. All he did throughout the day was eat, poop and sleep.

December was the application phase for us where we took care of Nat ourselves. Thankfully HJ was having school holidays so he was able to save his paternity leave and still enjoy close to 2 months (Nov-Dec) of pseudo-paternity leave to help me take care of Nat. It was during this time where HJ and Nat would have a nightly struggle between 10pm and 1am, which was the catalyst for me to begin switching his body-clock and start him on his eat/wake/sleep daily routine.

January … what can I say. Initially I was really quite jittery about HJ going back to work then I would be flying solo with Nat from 7am to 630pm everyday for a good 3 weeks before our helper arrives just before CNY. Looking back, I think it was the daily routines that kept both Nat and I occupied so after about the initial adjustment period of 3-5 days, spending the whole day alone with him didn’t feel like 12 hours.

As we enter Feb, am just thankful that I’ve got 3 more precious months with him before I start work again.

On an aside note, I just discovered his link toys (for 0months+) that was buried in the drawer with his other toys so I guess in Feb we have to catch up with training his motor development during his post-feed activities. Guess we’ve been training his eyesight with the numerous flash cards but not so much his muscles*oops*. Sorry Nat, your parents have just been letting you grab our fingers, now you can finally grab your toys yay!

WhatsApp Image 2017-02-01 at 2.50.31 PM.jpeg



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