Tonsillitis, Antibiotics & Breastmilk

It was my last resort, going to Mount A on Tues (24/1) night for my throat because the sore throat and coughing had been there for 1 week. I had taken the usual medicine such as Difflam and Prospan for the soreness and dry cough respectively but as the Doctor said, these only treated the symptoms and since it was not working, I had to start a 5 day course of Clarithromycin antibiotics.

Then the natural question I had was if Nat could still drink breastmilk and I received 2 different replies:

(1) From the GP: her advice was to not breastfeed until the course was over i.e. pump and dump for 5 days (even though I plan to wean Nat off by end-April when I go back to work, it is not a nice feeling when you have to pump and dump your milk)

(2) The pharmacist: her advice was to breastfeed after 8 hours, when not much of the antibiotics is left in my system so that meant dumping 2 pumps a day (but at least Nat would still get breastmilk as long as it was after 8 hours)

Thankfully the next day we were going to TMC for Nat’s review to check if his lungs are clear because he was also coughing for a week and I decided to ask the PD since she is the expert for everything related to babies right…

(3) The PD: her advice was that Clarithromycin belongs to a class of antibiotics that can be taken while breastfeeding so no need to pump and dump (hooray!)

Nevertheless, since I am paranoid, I felt safer giving Nat milk that I pumped 8 hours after taking the meds.

Of course there is research that says babies may have diarhoea or colic due to the presence of antibiotics – hence I chose to play safe by feeding him only 8hrs after taking my meds. So to supplement, we either give more formula or take some breastmilk from his freezer stash. Originally, I had wanted to use this freezer “reserve” for after April but just as well, it can be used now for times like this!

Sigh… let’s hope I don’t have to take anymore antibiotics until Nat’s fully weaned off breastmilk. By then, I’ll also be able to take stronger meds such as cough mixture with codine inside which I am not able to now so after 1.5 weeks, the cough is still here but seems to be at the end of its course.

 – CK


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