Shoe Woes No More

So after what was a very intense weekend, our termite/shoe woes are over! 🙂

It was extremely tough trying to find a shoe cabinet that met all our criteria.

  • Height: more than 100cm (my previous one was approx. 1.2m)
  • Length: maximum 100cm (my previous one was approx. 90cm)
  • Colour: teak and walnut only (to match my existing furniture)
  • Design: need to have doors & shelves that are adjustable and base should not come into contact with the floor (so I can clean underneath it)
  • Price: not more than SGD$900

The reason for such restrictions is because I have a 1.9m mirror to the left and a shorter display shelf to the right so if the shoe cabinet is too short and/or narrow, everything would be out of proportion.

Below is the list of places that I went with my mom within a span of two days to find the right cabinet.

  1. Teak Avenue:
  2. Mountain Teak:
  3. Ethnicraft:
  4. Wihardja:
  5. Picket & Rail:
  6. Tropicana Living @ Thomson Plaza
  7. Crate & Barrel @ ION Orchard
  8. Home & Giving @ Star Vista

However, most of the places had cabinets that only met some of our criteria. Almost everywhere had really nice sideboards/consoles or display cabinets but those were not what I needed. I guess nowadays most people have built-in shelves and cabinets to store their shoes whereas I belong to the “no built-in” camp haha

We finally found THE ONE at Iconic Haus, the place where I purchased my dining table set last year. Gigi, the person who served us was very helpful. Before going down, I called to enquire if they had any shoe cabinets and if they did, I requested if she could snap some pictures to show me as opposed to making a wasted trip down. The moment I saw the photo she sent, I knew that there was a 90% chance that it could be THE ONE!

In the end, ordering a brand new one (SGD$942.20), would be delivered only in end-March whereas if I took the display piece, I’ll enjoy a 10% discount and they would be able to deliver before CNY! I had no issues with this as the display piece was in v good condition. Here it is 🙂

WhatsApp Image 2017-01-24 at 7.07.38 PM.jpeg

It comes with a top drawer and a display shelf that is currently sparsely populated with rabbits. Nevertheless, am just glad it is in time for CNY because my Dad was getting quite worried that our shoes were all over the living room.

– CK


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