The Sick Sees :(

I’ve dreaded this day where when one person comes down with something, it’s only a matter of time everyone else in the household gets it.

So HJ changed work place and perhaps due to the new environment, he was down with a sinus infection for 2 weeks. Then just as he was starting to get better, the kiddo starts coughing and sneezing on Monday night this week (16/1). Then I started with a mild sore throat that has become quite inflamed with a dry itchy cough 😦

As for Nat, we monitored him for two days as he had no fever but decided to go down to the PD on Thursday (19/1) as his coughing became a bit more persistent.

Our PD, Dr Ang Ai Tin is at Thomson Medical Center where Nat was born. We go there more out of convenience because she has been seeing Nat ever since he was a newborn and even if you have no appt, the average waiting time is an hour so it isn’t so bad.

So Nat has a case of upper respiratory tract congestion, thankfully not anywhere near his lungs yet but we have to go back next week for a review.

That is the amount of meds for one tiny body 😦 Strangely administrating the meds have been quite pleasant – Nat will just lie there and get his nose sprayed, sucked on and have liquid drop inside. It is the cough mixture where we have to use a syringe to squirt 10ml into his mouth that he starts giving all sorts of faces haha

Today (22/1) is day 4 of his medication but he still has the occasional coughing. Hopefully the review next week won’t reveal anything serious and all goes well *fingerscrossed*

We also managed to fit in some pictorial time today during his waketime.

I am a HUGE fan of the Little Men and Little Miss series. HJ and I started building up a collection since our 2014 honeymoon in UK, London. We bought some limited edition ones there and the rest were purchased from various places in SG.

Then a few days ago I found 5 more books to add to the collection (totaling 25 now) from a 2nd hand book fair at Thomson Plaza, each book was only being sold for $1! No doubt each story ends in a few sentences but I was more interested in the colours because of its high-contrasting nature, which is mostly all that infants can recognize at this stage.

Anyhow, I personally love the idea of getting his books from a 2nd hand bookstore – it takes some digging and luck but beats paying so much more for a similar brand new book.

So the newest Little Men books are now in Nat’s learning stash – a small container/sack where we consolidate all of his waketime activities in the living room for easy access.

Next up, when we have time, we will go register Nat for his public library account and collect his goodie bag. After everyone fully recovers of course – really praying my throats inflammation is not the dreaded tonsillitis 😦

– CK


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