Yes, my shoe cabinet was confirmed to have termites yday. Here’s the lowdown in a nutshell.

  1. On 10th Jan, HJ and I saw a pile of what appears to be ‘brown sand’ under our Scanteak shoe cabinet and found a hole
  2. We called Scanteak who took it back to examine it on 17th Jan
  3. They called me yesterday (18th Jan) and confirmed that the hole is the work of termites from the wood 

As a result…

  • They cannot return us the shoe cabinet because the termites may spread 
  • They are also unable to give me a replacement (within 6months of purchase, one can get a foc replacement of which this cabinet was a replacement in Sept ’16 because my original one’s door had a wood grinding sound) …. 

Me: “Huh? Why cannot replace with a new one? It is less than 6months” 

CSO: “Oh because this cabinet is no longer in production since last year” 


Okay…… so…… not only do I have no shoe cabinet (which was purchased to match my other Scanteak display shelf and dining table w walnut legs, I have shoes in the middle of my living room and Chinese New Year (CNY) is around the corner (mega face palm). I have no qualms buying a similar cabinet from the same shop but, Scanteak has no more similar shoe cabinets so I’ll be either getting a voucher or cash refund from them. 

What was more urgent was that I had to ascertain with my pest control contact, Stanley from Stanley’s Pest Control whether I needed him to come down to do a thorough check in case my other wood furniture is affected – such is really the woes of having wood in the house… I am a huge fan of having wood accents (teak, walnut, oak…you name it) but this is really a pain 😦 

Thankfully Stanley’s assessment is as such: 

  1. The insects responsible for the hole are dry wood termites based on the brown sand left behind (he really knows his insects haha) 
  2. They are not likely to spread and are usually isolated to untreated wood 😦
  3. The worry is legit if the said cabinet is still in the house – then it has to be treated (I explained to him that the cabinet has been taken back) OR the cabinet came into contact with my other furniture (it was flanked by a mirror to its left and display shelf to its right but separated by some space so no contact!
  4. I may just need to be prepared that should the wood of my other furniture from the similar retailer be likewise affected, there is no way of knowing until I see the same brown sand 3-4 years down the road (let’s keep our fingers crossed that this shall be the 1st and last time!)

So now that Stanley, who has been doing pest-related services for my parents and grandparents sees no reason to do a thorough examination… I can refocus on finding a new shoe cabinet that can somehow fit in and match my existing furniture. 

Here’s the exact criteria I need: 

  1. Closed door vs open rack type
  2. Above 1m in height, approx 1.2m (can’t be the low sideboard style)
  3. Able to match teak & walnut 
  4. Has legs i.e not directly resting on floor so I can clean underneath it
  5. Between SGD$400-600 (my previous one was all the above and costs SGD$450)

In view of the above, I am of hopeful to find one so fast before CNY so the least I can do is make use of the CNY deals/promos… 

Sigh… and I thought we were so done with house decor after the baby came along. 
– CK


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