Stroller vs. Babycarrier

So the day came where we had to decide whether to stick with just having a stroller/infant carseat combo or was it time to invest in a babycarrier? Actually the catalyst was also Nat weighing in at 6.5kg @ 10wks!

Featured below is part of our Combi, that our friend gave us (helping us to save a good deal of $$). The part not featured is an infant carseat that we leave in our car as carrying that together with Nat in it has become too heavy.

Our Combi has been working great thus far and there’s still plenty of room for Nat to grow into the stroller so we are currently using it with the insert. Part of the reason why we don’t find it so much of a hassle is because of the car and boot space – otherwise, I imagine it being quite a handful managing a stroller + infant + all the other bags and belongings.

Moreover, while there are carriers and wraps available for newborns, HJ and I are the more paranoid sort so we think about things like potential blockage of airways, overheating, fragile neck and head… etc. yup you get the idea so the above constituted the main deterrents why we did not get a carrier earlier.

Then came the point where Nat was no longer as tiny as he was when just a newborn and it felt more convenient to have the option of a carrier.

It also made my current ‘stay-home’ arrangement more flexible – when HJ takes the car to work, the pram goes with him in the boot. This would render me quite stuck if I wanted to go out with Nat. My Dad also lets me use his car when he’s overseas so instead of transferring the pram from one car to another, having the option of a carrier solves things.

So after doing all my research, I bought the Ergobaby (original) carrier in black because I’ll destroy any other lighter shade.

Technically, babies from 0-4 months are required to wear an infant insert because they cannot support their necks on their own yet but…. we tried putting Nat in the insert and he simply could not fit! That’s because he is above the 5.5kg weight limit for the infant insert ! What this means is that for now, I have to use one hand to support his neck when I wear him until he is around 3-4 months. Alternatively, the lady also said that I can also roll a small muslin towel and stuff it between his neck and the carrier for additional support.

There’s this website – Babywearing Internationalthat has very useful pictorial illustration in terms of what safety measures to look out for when carrying newborns, infants and toddlers.

So Nat currently falls under this category (below) as he is not 3 months yet.


So after a few days of using the Ergobaby, here’s my take of it…

Comfort:8.5/10 (very good support for the back*** but reaching behind to fasten the strap takes some getting used to)

Price: 8/10 (slightly cheaper than the Tula and I enjoyed a further 10% thanks to our Mothercare membership)

Some cons:

  • Might get a bit stuffy for the kiddo so I’ll try not to use it on super hot days. That being said, I’ll be the main one using the carrier as HJ sweats easily – like father, like son 
  • I figured someone else needs to be with me when I’m using this so that I can pass Nat to them if I need to use the washroom – thankfully the one time I had to use the washroom when we were out having dinner coincided with his feeding time so while my mom fed him his milk, I took that opportunity to go to the bathroom 
  • Not easy to carry a baby inside when he is hungry or too full just after feeding (I know that breastfeeding in a carrier may be a breeze to some but whenever we go out, Nat’s usually bottle-fed so yeah)

The pros:

  • A flexible and comfortable option vis-a-vis the stroller… does not take up boot space and no need to wait for elevators anymore in shopping malls :))
  • Guards against overstimulation as it allows baby to nap when we are out – with the stroller, Nat just gets too stimulated by the surroundings.
  • Personally, I find it a great mechanism against anyone who just want to stimulate him when it’s the wrong time and/or reach out to touch his face. I don’t think that can happen so readily now that he’s nestled against my chest.

It seems this will come in handy and just in time for Chinese New Year visiting!

– CK


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