Routines for baby and me

People who know me well won’t find it surprising that I thrive on having routines, which is partly why I got Nat started on the eat/wake/sleep routine. Sometimes also known as the eat/play/sleep routine. The other perk of having some sort of rhythm gives me some time to do my own things, during his naptimes. So yeah, while to some it may seem quite ‘stressful’ having an infant on a routine so fast, I don’t think I can function without it haha

I also found some useful tips from this article about setting routines so at week 9-10, here’s a sample routine though it is more stable on weekdays because we have to make some adjustments on weekends when we go out.

  • 630/645am: the ‘wake-up’ feed that sets the day
  • 7am: change diaper and put back to bed (morning nap 1)
  • 9am: breakfast feed then put back to bed (morning nap 2)  
  • 1045/11am: gentle wake-up call via changing diaper in preparation to take a bath
  • 11-1115am: bath, followed by some wake-time before his next feed ard noon-ish
  • 12/1230pm: lunch-time feed, followed by 30-45min of waketime (stimulation)
  • 1pm: nap-time (afternoon nap 1)
  • 3/330pm: tea-time feed, followed by 30-45min of waketime (stimulation)
  • 430pm: nap-time (afternoon nap 2)
  • 6pm: evening feed, followed by minimal waketime or sometimes a short-nap 
  • 7pm: wash-up & bedtime routine *we’re trying to start his bedtime routine earlier after his evening feed, currently we start at 8pm only and he sleeps after his night feed (below)
  • 9/930pm: night feed, put back to bed
  • 230/3am: MOTN feed, put back to bed (we notice that Nat can sleep for a 5-hour stretch if his last feed is closer to 10pm)
  • 5am: 2nd MOTN feed -> if this is less than 2 hours after the previous feed and very close to his wake-up feed, we will try to see if Nat can go back to sleep or if he’s hungry, then we’ll feed 60ml of milk (formula) since his wake-up feed is coming up soon. This was because when we gave a full feed once, he was not able to finish it. Sometimes this 2nd MOTN feed does not happen and he wakes up closer to 6am.

So on average, Nat is taking approx. 7 feeds a day (every 2.5/3hours, the longest interval has been 3.5hours and a full feed currently approx. 140ml. His naps range from 30min to 1.5hours in the day, and it gets shorter towards the evening.

Of course if we’re home the whole day and everything goes according to plan, then the above schedule is pretty much adhered to but what happens when we do go out? That’s another post for another day…



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