Happy Feet = Happy Me

After two failed attempts due to thunderstorms and traffic jams, today I finally managed to get my foot/back massage done – 8+ weeks post partum @ Happy Feet Holland V. Babycare is literally back breaking.

This has been my go-to place for all body aches since 2015, as it is just 1 train stop away from my then office. 

In 2015, after starting my new posting at Headquarters, I came mostly for neck and shoulder aches because I was sitting at a table facing the computer for hours on end. That was something very different from teaching in a school.

Then last year, I resumed my visits more frequently during the 3rd tri when the weight got increasingly heavy so my feet became quite sore. A 30min foot and 30min head/shoulder became my staple. Of course I checked with my gynae if such things were ‘safe’ – the advice given was as long as I was stable in my 2nd/3rd tri, it was okay. I’m not fully sure if the regular massages had a part to play but towards the tailend of my pregnancy, I didn’t really have any water retention or swollen ankles. Very blessed indeed. My therapist, Roland, who is trained to massage expectant ladies also knew quite a lot of info pertaining to pregnancy related stuff so at each stage he would share with me things to look out for. 

So now in 2017, my office division has moved nearer to town so I can only be back for the occasional massage on Sat AMs when SH and look after Nat or we both can come when my mum babysits. 

Speaking of which, halfway through my massage I texted the hubs to see how he and the baby were doing at a cafe nearby…. he sends me this. 

Glad the little one is napping away and the big one is entertaining himself. 

Post-massage, the weather became way too hot so we’re hiding at Star Vista having lunch. It’s a perfect place to retreat from the crowds as it is gets very crowded only on weekdays when office-goers come here for lunch. 

– CK 


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