Rough Mornings

Don’t we all have them… 

We were off to a rough start this AM as both of us only slept at 230am after Nat’s night feed and my night pump session. Missing our usual 11pm-2am slumber is not something we shld repeat again. 

Thereafter there was a chain of not-so-fun events.

  • 630am: Nat didn’t really burp after his feed and so projectile puked out some milk during his diaper change
  • 10am: I decided to try and bathe him earlier as opposed to 12pm in a bid to shift his wake and bath time (because he’s a late sleeper and rider) but it backfired as Nat was cranky throughout his bath vs. it being a very calm and pleasant experience for the past two days  

Lessons learnt – 

  1. In order to start Nat’s bedtime routine earlier, we got to also wind things up early. This is very challenging as most things get done between 8pm-12am 😦 It was this way before and throughout my pregnancy but now our routines too, need to be adjusted.
  2. Any experimentation with changing any aspect of Nat’s daily routine should be done on the weekends when I’m not alone (am really dreading the more challenging phases of sleep training) :/ 

As a result of feeling all stressed out at how the morning turned out, I had to squeeze in some relaxation stretching. I’m surprised myself that one needs is the living room floor, shelf, an iPad and spa music on my Hp. 

Things then got better after lunch and we got back to our post-lunch stimulation routine 🙂

I just hope rough mornings happen less often moving forward -.- 
– CK 


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