Today’s Tingkat 

[This is not a sponsored post]

My lunch today –

I started ordering this Tingkat service for lunch from RonnieKitchen. Figured that we can cook dinner when HJ comes home but lunch is relatively more difficult, because yes… HJ is the chef while I’m more like the ingredient prepper and dishwasher haha

I honestly had no idea there were such delivery services for food besides the usual Deliveroo etc. Then I did an online search and turns out quite a number of catering companies offer this service for lunch and/or dinner.

So what I picked basically costs $170 (after gst) for 20 working days and I get 3 dishes, rice and 1 soup for 1 pax. Depending on where you stay, the delivery time can range from 10am to 1pm. It also comes with an NEA sticker that says it was cooked at 9am so need to consume by 1pm. That’s cool with me.

This will be my survival mechanism for lunch throughout Jan until our helper arrives!

– CK


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