Swings and Balcony Decor

Ever since we moved in (July ’16), I was contemplating how to do up our balcony. Not being a fan of eating outdoors, I wasn’t going to “extend” my living/dining area outdoors. I also knew that if I bought any outdoor set, it would be a white elephant.

So after my 3rd trimester came and gone, I finally had some time while on maternity leave and decided on getting a swing to accompany the two sad pots of outdoor plants that we had.

Swings have a special meaning for us.

Our special swing is at Sembawang Hills Awfully Chocolate where we go back every year to take a picture to commemorate our anniversary on 18th September. This was HJ’s idea… and yes he’s the more sentimental and romantic one between the two of us.

We can’t fit such a swing on our balcony and neither do we have space for a two -seater outdoor swing so… we got a one-seater with a maximum weight of 120kg so at least we can sit on it with Nat 🙂

Here’s HJ and Nat trying it out after it was installed…

So besides using it to escape household chores and diaper changes in the evening for some “me time”… I started a “swing time” routine in the evenings with Nat yesterday while waiting for HJ to come home from the office.

Some considerations: The plan is to have such “swing time” in the evening at 6pm, when the sun is just beginning to set so it isn’t too glaring for Nat and the wind isn’t too chilly neither. Nat is also wrapped in his swaddle cloth so he’s kept warm.

For 2 days in a row, it has been a fantastic routine because

  1. I get to enjoy my swing and the breeze
  2. Nat dozes off* after a while and begins his evening nap after his tea time and before his dinner feed

*It probably has to do with the slow swinging motion that gently rocks him to sleep. I’m also cautious not to spend so much time on it else there is a chance he will only nap/sleep when experiencing such repetitive movements. 

This was yesterday… where he relocated from swing to bed after he started snoozing (allowing us to have a peaceful dinner!)

And today’s outcome…

I guess we can safely conclude that the swing was indeed a very good buy!

– CK


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