Black or White?

Nat is 8 weeks today and we decided to also start a routine of showing him black and white visual cards. 

It is supposedly good for their eye and brain development since infants are not able to make out most colours except for very high contrasting ones such as black, white and red – more info HERE

I’ve scheduled them to happen during Nat’s most awake time – after his bath around 1pm. Out of the cards that I printed and cut out, we started on the 4 patterns from the left first. I’m not really sure if there is any “right” way to do this but I found myself repeating the patterns and talking to Nat about them in general. 

The 2nd session after his tea-time feed made him doze off instead haha so if all else fails, at least I know this may have a calming/hypnotic effect on infants? 

Actually such activities are more for me to establish a routine so that there’s some order and plan to my daily grind on top of his 2-3hourly feeding schedule. 

– CK 


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